Tiara Mas (Indonesia)

PO. Tiara Mas was established to accommodate the many requests from the public for transportation facilities that support inter-regional mobility, especially from the Sumbawa region in West Nusa Tenggara to other areas on the islands of Bali and Java. Apart from serving passengers, Tiara Mas also provides goods/package delivery services as well as tourism and charter services.

PO. Tiara Mas serves regular routes including: Bima–Jakarta, Bima–Mataram, Bima-Denpasar, Bima-Malang, Bima–Surabaya, Sumbawa-Jakarta, Sumbawa-Malang, Sumbawa-Surabaya, Sumbawa-Mataram, Sumbawa-Denpasar, Surabaya-Jakarta, Bajo-Jakarta, Jakarta-Bajo. For tourist buses, PO. Tiara Mas has the latest fleets with facilities and performance that promise comfort and are supported by reliable, friendly and trained drivers for safety during your trip.

PO. Tiara Mas also provides charter services by providing medium and large bus fleets with various comfortable facilities for customer satisfaction. Currently PO Tiara Mas has also developed itself and is collaborating with several agents which in the future are intended to make it easier for you to make PO Tiara Mas bus reservations.

Along with this, the bus company whose head office is in Sumbawa Besar, West Nusa Tenggara, always makes all innovations and expands its fleet, and continuously updates existing facilities. Tiara Mas makes service, quality and convenience remain number one for customer satisfaction. This is what makes the bus company with the red-gold crown (tiara) logo one of the recommended parts of transportation in the country. Supported by professional and trusted services as well as online marketing who can assist you in providing information at any time. The input and trust that has been given by customers has spurred us to be even more the best and trusted, and at the forefront of our field. The entire PO Tiara Mas Bus Fleet currently are fleets that have passed safety, comfort and performance tests. So entrust your trip to PO Tiara Mas to get a fun and unforgettable experience.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Head Office Jalan Raya Demak 347-349 Surabaya – Jawa Timura
Surabaya Jalan Pertokoan Sulung Mas No. 89 blok A21-22 , Surabaya
Malang Jalan Pattimura No.30, Malang
Bali Jalan Gunung Agung No.130, Denpasar
Lombok Jalan Selaparang No.85/4 Mataram
Sumbawa Jalan Asap No.9 Sumbawa Barat
Sumbawa Jalan Yos Sudarso (Depan Makodim) – Sumbawa Besar
Bima Jalan Sultan Karahudin no.8
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