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About Jeli Express Bus Terminal

The Jeli Express Bus Terminal is one of the many bus stations available in Kelantan. Located in the district of Jeli, it is considered as the West Coast gateway to Kelantan in Peninsular Malaysia. The town borders Thailand and Perak, making it a strategic location with great potential for growth. Jeli Express Bus Terminal is a key link in Jeli’s mobility chain, moving people over short and long distances.

Being the main express bus terminal, it is stationed in the seam of the town and visitors will get to see and explore the town’s layout. Few landmarks stand out in Jeli such as Masjid Jamek and the district council. These places will take less than five minutes to walk to reach, being opposite the bus station. For a more touristy site, venture out to one of the most popular hot springs in Malaysia, the Jeli Hot Spring. Said to have a higher health value from the high sulphur content, travellers are just 20 km away from the Jeli bus station for some relaxation.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Jeli Express Bus Terminal in Kelantan

How to Get to Jeli Bus Terminal

Known mode of transport that directly brings travellers to the Jeli bus station are cars and buses, and it is not accessible by trains, since there are no railway networks in the area. Driving from Kuala Lumpur to the bus terminal would take more than five hours to arrive, not counting the traffic jam. It is easier for travellers from KL to board any bus services that are available without deviation from Jeli Express Bus Terminal.

There are many bus services that routinely operate to Jeli, daily and nightly. Passengers can save time in making relevant preparations for the long journey through online booking where every important detail is on screens such as bus operators, prices and bus schedules. Bus ticket prices may vary among bus operators and depending on the departure time.

Popular Bus Operators

Passengers can choose from various bus companies operating in the Jeli Express Bus Terminal including Ekspress Mutiara and Perdana Express.


There is not much to do at the bus terminal, but the surroundings make up for the drawback. Hungry passengers can always stop by the many food stalls along the bus station and pack up supplies from the convenience store next to it. Several ticket counters are also available for confirmation of the schedule and ticket prices.

The Jeli Express Bus Terminal provides an adequate as well as sheltered waiting area for passengers to wait for the buses. Additionally, taxis and rental cars are also operating at the terminal. Other basic amenities such as toilets and prayer rooms can also be found.

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Before embarking on the journey, travellers must prepare a concise travel plan that will make the trip plain sailing. From all accounts, Kelantan is a very interesting place to visit with most of its tourist attractions still a well-kept secret. Jeli is a good place to start, especially with the bus terminal around which makes travelling easy.

In the meantime, no contact number is available for the Jeli Express Bus Terminal. However, for easy online bus ticket bookings, Easybook offers a special platform that makes planning trips simple and convenient.

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Bandar Jeli, 17600 Jeli, Kelantan
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