Golden Queen Fast Boat Ferry Service

Golden Queen Fast Boat Ferry Service

Golden Queen Fast Boat Ferry Service is way different than others, its unique style and service are outstanding for most of the passengers who already experienced their service. As for the destined routes, the ferry shows a gratifying response to your satisfaction in the way of bringing you to the amazing places with a magnificent sail.

The speed of travel in this ferry can never bother your comfortability as it works smoothly and a sweet ride to eliminate distress of life due to its stunning benefits. Aside from getting you to the desiderated location with clarity, your safety is their first priority to ensure that every one of you is protected. Besides, the company is popular among different transportations in the industry in Indonesia. It never stops to develop its service and maximize the service for the betterment of all.

Golden Queen Fast Boat Ferry Service’s Schedules & Ticket Price

It travels back and forth Bali and Pulau Nusa Penida, Bali and Lombok, as well as take off to Lombok and Pulau Nusa Penida. Your trip among these places will become amazing with the most advanced system of Golden Queen Fast Boat Ferry Service only at 45 minutes for unilateral travel while getting into the place of Bali to Lombok is almost 2 hours and 15 minutes long.

For travel expenses, you only need Rp. 250000, 00 and Rp. 700000,00 to avail of your ticket and you are ready to go. Plus, the children can get a discount on their ticket making your trip reasonably cheap. Buy your tickets now online, just visit Easybook.com and check for amazing promos.

Golden Queen Fast Boat Ferry Service’s Best Facilities

Golden Queen Fast Boat Ferry Service is trusted for offering professional operators and qualified attendants that deliver appealing service. They have ensured all of the employees meet the standard and proficiency to attain everyone’s needs and requests. Moreover, this ferry service accommodates passengers not only by giving a ride for sea transportation but by taking you to land as well.

Golden Queen Fast Boat Ferry Service is also recognized for a shuttle service that is rare to find from other services. The company really has versatility in service that you will love for life. You don't even need to fear your travel since they are equipped with safety materials that are very necessary; the amenities are life jackets, life rafts, and a fire extinguisher in case of emergencies. The ferry is up to date with two seating divisions and full air conditioning located downstairs, the sundeck on the roof is also spacious. Featuring also the high-quality engine, the ferries offer you a speedy trip around. This commodious ferry is also big enough that it can hold 116 passengers.

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For further queries, you can visit their office located at Sanur Kaja, Denpasar Selatan, Denpasar City, Bali 80227, Indonesia. You can contact them also via line ID: +62 878 0019 6969 for more information. Do not hesitate to ask or consult them regarding your concern. Take a trip to have blissful time in your journey with Golden Queen Fast Boat Ferry Service!

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