Lanta Garden Hill Speed Boat Service

Lanta Garden Hill Speed Boat Ferry Service

Whenever you travel, you always look forward to trying new things. And if you get used to riding in the streets seeing skyscrapers or flying like an eagle soaring the vast ocean of the sky, you can try venturing the sea to wander its magnanimous treasures and the islands nestled on it. You will just need a ferry that will carry you with such care so that you will enjoy every moment you have while riding on the boat. Just like buses or airplanes, a great boat can take you to an exciting journey that will truly change your bad insights about traveling in seas. You can get great services through the Lanta Garden Hill Speed Boat Ferry Service.

The Lanta Garden Hill Speed Boat Ferry Service is a company that will help you visit some of the beautiful islands found in Thailand. It is settled in Koh Lanta, Thailand, which is famous for its tantalizing attractions garlanded by the people that reside in the area. Many travelers, be it local or foreigners, love visiting the islands near the Koh Lanta. Through the speed boats that the operator uses in transferring passengers to various islands, tourists can easily view the beauty beyond the magnificent place.

Lanta Garden Hill Speed Boat Ferry Service’s Routes and Schedules

The boat services have specific routes regularly, which the passengers can enjoy. However, if you are heading for a place that the ferries are not scheduled to go, you can request for a private boat service that can take you to your desired destination. The flexibility of this ferry service shows how they value the customers and their needs.

The famous routes of this ferry service include Koh Ngai Garden Hill to Koh Mook Garden Hill, Koh Mood Garden Hill towards Koh Ngai Garden Hill, Koh Ngai Garden Hill to the Saladan Village pier, pier of Saladan village towards the Koh Mook Garden Hill and from Saladan Village Pier to Koh Ngai Garden Hill.

The length of your travel varies based on how far or near your destination is. For instance, if you decided to lurk around the Koh Ngai Garden hill from Saladan Village pier, it would take you up to forty-five minutes to get there. While it takes fifty -five minutes to arrive at Koh Mook Garden Hill from the Saladan Village pier.

Lanta Garden Hill Speed Boat Ferry Service’s Ticket Price

With regards to the ticket prices, ticket prices for adults cost from THB300 to THB850, while the younger ones have, of course, lesser ticket prices.

Lanta Garden Hill Speed Boat Ferry Service’s Top Features

Most of the speed boats that the Lanta Garden Hill Speed Boat Ferry Service offers has a carrying capacity of up to forty-two people in just one travel. And like any other ferry operators, they have safety equipment such as lifebuoys and jackets to ensure the security of every passenger on board. This is very imperative for every ferry that you will ride on.

Thailand is overflowing with hidden jewels, and that includes the islands covered by the Lanta Garden Hill Speed Boat Ferry Service. Making your way to these places will surely make a check to one of your bucket lists with the help of a nice ferry backing up your travel experience in the sea.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
213 Moo 3 Saladan Sub Dist Tumbol Saladan Amphoe Kho Lanta Province Krabi 81150 (+66)080-6937220
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