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About Gusungan Island

Gusungan Island is one of the few small islands situated in Semporna, Sabah. Despite being a small island, travellers who enjoy island hopping would love Gusungan Island as one of their pit stops. Interestingly, Gusungan Island was called as a sea desert by the locals due to no hills in sight on the island, thus it is viewed as a gem of Borneo unlike any other.

Gusungan Island is in a close range with many other smaller islands as well as the more well-known tourist islands such as Mabul Island and Sipadan Island, which is located down south while Bum Bum Island is up north from the said island. Prepare to be mesmerised by its marine life as Gusungan Island provides a breath-taking view for any marine lovers as the sea water is crystal-clear which is ideal for a little snorkelling and diving. Travellers can also get a first-hand experience in learning the lifestyle along with cultures of the Bajau sea community.

Popular Ferry Route

Popular routes from Gusungan Island Jetty in Malaysia.

How to Get to Gusungan Island

Getting to Gusungan Island is quite easy. However, there is no jetty or terminal located there. Travellers shall be notified that the only way to get to this island is by hopping into a speedboat that normally includes a package that will bring you to Gusungan Island together with the other two nearby islands.

From Tawau, make your way to Semporna Jetty by taking a bus. The bus ride will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes upon arrival. At the Semporna Jetty, travellers will get into a speedboat towards Gusungan Island. It is a half an hour journey from Semporna Jetty to the said island. Upon arriving at the island, the speedboats will berth at the edge of island.

Popular Ferry Operator

There is currently one speedboat operator that transports travelers from Semporna Jetty to Gusungan Island and two other nearby islands. Such islands are Mabul Island along with Kapalai Island. The speedboat operator is D One Permata.

Travellers can rent a boat to get to different islands such as Bohey Dulang, Isbuan, Mantabuan on the Easybook website where the ticket price are including departure and return services to rent the whole boat which is limited to 2 – 5 pax per boat.

Facilities in Gusungan Island

Gusungan Island is a small island, hence there is no jetty or terminal provided for arriving speedboats. The speedboats will only berth at the edge of the island.


Gusungan Island is a small island surrounded by many astounding and tranquil islands located in Semporna, Sabah. The Bajau sea community inhabited the island for quite some time and travellers can get a first-hand experience in witnessing their unique lifestyle and cultures as well. Gusungan Island has been a well-known site for marine lovers to snorkel and dive as the sea is crystal-clear.

Gusungan Island Contact Details

Gusungan Island, 91300 Semporna, Sabah
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