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About Padang Besar Railway Station

Padang Besar is located at the most northern part of Malaysia, one of the major towns in the state of Perlis. Going further north from Padang Besar will take travellers on a journey to one of the many beautiful countries in Southeast Asia known as Thailand.

With its very own Padang Besar Railway Station, Padang Besar offers easy navigation around the town. The train station is located within Malaysia in the state of Perlis and is commonly utilised by locals for cross-border travels. Located nearby the border between Malaysia and Thailand, the train station hosts trains by KTM via ETS as well as shuttle train services from Hatyai to Padang Besar operating twice a day in both directions. KTM Komuter trains also offer its services from Padang Besar to Butterworth, stopping at all stations in between.

How to Get to Padang Besar Railway Station

Access to Padang Besar Railway Station can be attained via several modes of transportation. KTM offers train services via ETS heading towards Padang Besar Railway Station departing from KL Sentral (Malaysia’s central transportation hub). The same train service can also be retrieved leaving from Butterworth heading towards Padang Besar Railway Station.

Popular Train Services in Padang Besar Railway Station

Currently, train operations within Padang Besar Railway Station are only offered by Malaysia’s popular KTM Berhad. The train station offers several services including ETS as well as commuter trains. Train tickets can now be viewed online on the website along with its respective train schedules.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Padang Besar Railway Station in Perlis.

Facilities in Padang Besar Railway Station

Due to its nature as a cross-border terminus, Padang Besar Railway Station offers regular train schedules along with comprehensive facilities within the train station. The train station is easily accessible for many moving in and out of Padang Besar.

Inside the train station, a food court can be accessed along with several stalls selling snacks and drinks. Padang Besar Railway Station also offers a small duty-free shop as it is situated nearby the border between Malaysia and Thailand. Basic amenities such as male and female toilets are also provided.

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For many centuries, Padang Besar has been a popular shopping heaven for both Malaysians and the Thais. Having its own charms, thousands of visitors come by during the weekends to get their shopping supplies. It is a blend of 2 neighbouring cultures offering many local products.

The easy accessibility to Padang Besar makes it even better for many visitors just by commuting on board trains as the train station is located just next to the shopping area. Trains served by KTM Berhad in Padang Besar Railway Station offers efficient arrivals as well as departures for the convenience of its passengers. It is advisable to make advanced bookings for ETS as tickets on board the train are limited.

A convenient online ticket booking site is now provided on Easybook through an easy-to-navigate platform. Book a train ticket now with Easybook and navigate from Padang Besar to exciting destinations in Thailand including Hatyai, Danok and Hua Hin.

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