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About Bukit Ketri Railway Station

Situated in northern Malaysia, Bukit Ketri (or Bukit Keteri) is a small village within the state of Perlis. The area is widely known for its spectacular limestone towers complimented by an endless setting of paddy fields. The rock formation within the area is an extension of the karst limestone offering a landscape that is out of this world. A short 20-minute trek through its paddy fields will lead to the foot of the hill offering a sense of a mediating elation.

With the establishment of its railway station, getting to Bukit Ketri is now easier by boarding KTM trains. Bukit Ketri Railway Station is one of three train stations in the state of Perlis served by KTM train services. It is situated between Padang Besar Railway Station in the north and Arau Railway Station in the south and is the northernmost station before the terminus within Padang Besar.

How to Get to Bukit Ketri Railway Station

Access to Bukit Ketri Railway Station can be attained via several modes of transportation. The easiest and cheapest way to get to Bukit Ketri Railway Station is by boarding train services by KTM Berhad whereby KTM offers direct train services from Kuala Lumpur’s primary transportation hub, KL Sentral. Local buses moving in and out of the town of Bukit Ketri also offer stops nearby Bukit Ketri Railway Station.

Popular Train Services in Bukit Ketri Railway Station

Currently, train operations within Bukit Ketri Railway Station are only offered by Malaysia’s popular KTM Berhad. Train tickets include onboard services by KTM Komuter with its respective train schedules.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Bukit Ketri Railway Station in Perlis

Facilities in Bukit Ketri Railway Station

Offering regular train schedules, Bukit Ketri Railway Station provides several facilities for the convenience of public use. The train station is easily accessible for many moving in and out of the town of Bukit Ketri.

The train station provides a waiting area for passengers boarding trains out of the town of Bukit Ketri. Information on train departures and arrivals can be viewed through its information display board provided within the train station. Ticketing facilities and other basic amenities can also be accessed in Bukit Ketri Railway Station.

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Although it is small and secluded, the town of Bukit Ketri offers a breath-taking panorama particularly during sunset. Bukit Ketri is a pleasant getaway spot as it offers a serene village ambience complimented by unique natural landscapes. It is developing to become a preferred destination for hikers locally and abroad as it boasts one of the most difficult hiking trails in Asia.

The town of Bukit Ketri is easily accessible by boarding train services operating via Bukit Ketri Railway Station. Train services within the train station offer numerous train schedules with efficient arrivals as well as departures.

Bukit Ketri Railway Station Contact Details

Stesen Keretapi Bukit Ketri, Bukit Ketri, 02450 Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia
+603-2267 1200

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