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About Kerambit Railway Station

Kerambit Railway Station is located in Kerambit, a small town in the district of Kuala Lipis within the state of Pahang offering endless farms of banana and palm oil trees. According to the locals, the name of the town was derived from the Malay phrase ‘kera ambil’ meaning ‘taken by monkeys’ in which the town’s abundance of banana had prompted several monkeys in the area to take the fruit as much as they pleased.

Not many tourist attractions can be found within the area except for a modest mosque just beside Kerambit Railway Station. The train station happens to be one of the town’s prominent landmarks, being the place where passengers arrive and depart in Kerambit. It mainly provides KTM Intercity train services for the locals to move around to other locations including to the nearby district known as Jerantut.

Please note that train services via KTM ETS are not offered within the train station.

How to Get to Kerambit Railway Station

Being a small town, transportations to get to Kerambit Railway Station is quite limited. The most convenient way to get to the train station is by boarding a train as passengers can relax without having to go through the trouble of driving in the countryside. Travellers can access the train station by taking KTM Intercity train services on the East Coast Line. For departures from Gemas Train Station, board a KTM Intercity train directly to Kerambit Railway Station whereby the journey will take about 5 hours upon arrival. Please review train schedules before boarding to ensure a smooth trip.

Popular Train Operator

The only operator offering train services within Kerambit Railway Station is KTM Berhad via KTM Intercity. KTM has long been trusted in providing competent connections for passengers with efficient departures heading to various destinations running on extensive routes. Services are carried out daily with regular train schedules.

Popular Train Routes

Popular routes from Kerambit Railway Station in Pahang

Facilities in Kerambit Railway Station

Founded on a basic structure, Kerambit Railway Station offers several basic amenities such as ticketing counters for passengers to purchase or collect train tickets. Other facilities include toilets for men and women as well as a sheltered waiting area for passengers to be seated while waiting for train departures. Expect a quiet atmosphere as the area is primarily surrounded by banana and palm oil plantations with no bustling towns nearby.

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Despite being situated in a remote area, Kerambit Railway Station operates its KTM services steadily. Taking the train is the most convenient as well as an economical way of getting to the train station as other local public transportations are limited and could be difficult to obtain on a daily basis. Kerambit Railway Station particularly provides train services via KTM Intercity running through KTM East Coast Line.

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Kerambit Railway Station Contact Details

Kerambit Railway Station, Kampung Kerambit, 27200 Kuala Lipis, Pahang
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