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Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia to Terminal Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia Bus Schedule & Fare

Best Guide from Ipoh to Kota Bahru

Best Guide from Ipoh to Kota Bahru

If you are traveling from Ipoh to Kota Bahru by bus, it is best to avail of the frequent bus services that ply in between the different Malaysian cities.

Ipoh is the capital city situated in Perak state of Malaysia. It is located 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur and is considered one of the main cities in Malaysia. Built during the colonial British era, it has a booming tin mining industry. There are many historical buildings of the colonial era which are worth visiting such as the Town Hall, the Court House and the Railway Station.

Kota Bahru is another city in Malaysia which is the central seat of the Kelantan state. This is both the name of the territory as well as the city. Located in the north eastern part of the country, it is situated near the Kelantan river and is close to the Thai border. There are many royal buildings, mosques and museums to visit in this city where the Muslim religion and historical culture is evident.

If you wish to get to Kota Bahru from Perak or vice versa, the state runs bus services are the best. Transnasional and Konsortium offer long distance buses to Kota Bharu. You can avail of convenient bus services from the central bus station in this city. You can also make bookings online at easibook and other reliable travel portals. The pick-up point is usually from Teluk Intan Bandar Baru, Hentian Raja Muda Mesa, Kamunting, Simpang Taiping and Kuala Kangsar.

These portals specialize in online bus booking services for Malaysia and Singapore. If you wish to travel from Ipoh to Kota Bahru, you need to be prepared for a seven or eight hours drive. The buses are air conditioned and have comfortable, well cushioned, reclining seats for the comfort of the passengers. Some bus services provide stops in between for refreshments.

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