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Penang, Malaysia to Kedah, Malaysia Bus Schedule & Fare

Penang, Malaysia to Kedah, Malaysia Trip Information
118 KM
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Best Guide from Penang to Kedah

Best Guide from Penang to Kedah

Penang is an island state in Malaysia and bordered by Kedah on the north. Travel by bus between these two Malaysian states is more effective since they are only 177 Kilometers part. Travel by bus will only take about one hour and twenty minutes plus. Bus service from Penang to Kedah is convenient comfortable and efficient being driven by the most experienced drivers in Malaysia. A couple of bus companies operate this route and are convenient and flexible given the nature of distance and geographical terrain between the states.

The most common bus companies whose buses operate this route include the Cepat &Cekap Express and the Plusliner . Travelers who intend to take bus from Penang to Kedah can access the bus from different terminals in Penang state. It is also possible to book for a seat through websites. The buses are high class brand new buses with first class interior conditions. Sitting in one of these buses, offers breath-taking travel experience. Most of the travellers who travel by bus from Penang to Kedah say that the experience offered by each of these buses is just like taking a flight. The pick-up points from Penang is at Butterworth (aka Penang Sentral) and Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal.

Coaches that operate between these distances have coaches designed for first class services. They offer comfortable and relaxing seats and air conditioners. This makes the journey more enjoyable and offers relaxing experience. Inside these buses, one is tempted to think that he or she is inside a plane. These express buses offer express bus services to various parts of Kedah that includes Alor Setar, Bukit Kayu Hitam and Sungai Petani.

To book for the next trip, Visit Easybook.com for the real travel experience. The booking process is easy and simple since you just have to follow the guide provided and secure your seat. Inside these buses there is enough space to stretch if you get exhausted on the way but then the comfort offered by the leathered caution seats cannot let you exhaust. As a matter of fact you will end up saying that the distance was too short.

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