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Dee Nice Bus Service

Dee Nice Enterprise is a transportation and travel company based in Ipoh, Perak. In addition to being known as Dee Nice United Travel & Tours, they also provide several transportation services such as buses, vans and car rentals. Dee Nice company is famous for providing travel and tour packages for all travellers. Additionally, Dee Nice company does arrange services with several bus operators such as Mahligai Express, SP Bumi Express and KPB Express.

This operator is a good option to travel around Perak as it offers passengers affordable fares for both transportation services and even tour packages. Passengers travelling with Dee Nice Enterprise do not have to worry about the budget as the price can be adjusted upon request, an aspect that is very convenient. The company does value the passenger’s travel preference be it for family or company trips, as they can certainly manage a travelling crowd.

Dee Nice Company Bus Facilities and Ticket Price

As for the buses, they mainly depart from Ipoh Amanjaya terminal to several destinations within Peninsular Malaysia, including newly added routes to the East Coast. Dee Nice company provides express buses for its’ passengers, usually single deck with 2 1 seating arrangements. Seats are available in 30, 44 and 60 seaters that promises to be comfortable with ample leg space for passengers to stretch while enjoying the air conditioning throughout the journey. Another detail is all buses come with curtains to protect passengers from the glaring sunlight.

Information on the bus ticket price depends on the bus operator chosen as many of the operators cover routes to various parts in Peninsular Malaysia. Notable routes include trips mainly from Ipoh to Melaka, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Lumpur. Travel durations will rely on how far the journey is as well as the traffic situations.

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