Ratanak Sambath Express Bus Service

Ratanakiri Province is Cambodia’s home to a diverse spectrum of outstanding natural beauty hosting a mixture of ethnicities. With the establishment of bus services in Cambodia, getting to Ratanakiri Province from the prominent Phnom Penh City is now easy by boarding Ratanak Sambath Transport or also known as Ratanak Sambath Express.

Ratanak Sambath Express is a growing bus company within Cambodia offering bus services primarily from Phnom Penh City to the enchanting Ratanakiri Province. Bus tickets can now be purchased conveniently with Easybook’s online booking platform. Buses provided are fully equipped with amenities including comfortable seats to cater to passenger’s optimal comfort.

Ensuring a pleasant as well as a safe journey, Ratanak Sambath Transport offers daily bus services as well as departures on board its mini-van to get to Ratanakiri Province. Prices for bus tickets start from as low as USD10 offering convenience and an economical way to get to one of the many charming Cambodian provinces.

Popular Bus Routes by Ratanak Sambath Transport

Despite being a small bus company, Ratanak Sambath Transport is one of the many reliable bus operators within Cambodia. The operator’s fantastic bus services have contributed significantly to excellent reviews by many passengers. Bus services by Ratanak Sambath Transport provide a route primarily from Phnom Penh City to Ratanakiri Province. Bus tickets onboard Ratanak Sambath Transport are available within an affordable range with efficient departures and arrivals to ensure passengers enjoy a hassle-free trip.

Popular Route:

To get from Phnom Penh City to Ratanakiri Province, passengers can choose to travel in either coaches or the mini-van offered by Ratanak Sambath Transport. Place an online ticket booking via Easybook now to enjoy a convenient trip with services provided by Ratanak Sambath Transport.

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