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Please ensure that you have a valid Travel Document from the authorities before you book. Passengers are advised to check the latest travel information through the relevant local authorities. Passengers who fail to present valid travel document or follow to destination's requirements would be denied boarding/denied entry.

Ferry Ticket from Singapore to Tanjung Belungkor (Desaru), Johor

The Singapore Ferry to Desaru is quite popular among the locals and tourists in that region. If you want a ferry with efficient service and cheaper per seat price, then its right time for you to book a ferry on Easybook.com. The ferry services on Easybook.com are exceptional as each passenger is allocated with ferry ticket along with discount offers on return trips. The ferry tickets to Desaru are nominal and cheaper than other ferry services in that region. The Singapore to Desaru ferry can be booked online through Easybook.com website. The Desaru fruit Farm Tour and Travel website provides personalized services to its customers starting from the beginning till the end. The ferry company has established itself as a reputed company with reduced seating arrangements for its customers so that they can roam freely on a ferry and enjoy the view of the majestic sea. The ferries operate quite frequently on sea as they carry passengers from one destination to another.

The Ferry Schedule to Desaru

The ferries plying from Singapore to Tanjung Belungkor (Desaru) in Johor is well suited for tourists from all the world. Johor is renowned internationally for its major attractions. Tourists from Singapore flock to Johor through ferries, buses and air planes. But, ferry transportation is most feasible as compared to other modes of transportation as it is reliable, cheaper and comfortable whereas other transportation lacks these facilities. The Ferry originates from Singapore and reaches Tanjung Belungkor (Desaru) in Johor on time. These ferries are available from 9:30am in the morning. They operate till 8:00pm in the evening. The various timings of ferry services assist customers to book their own ferry tickets online as per their own suitability.

Booking Singapore to Desaru Ferry Ticket Online

The booking process of ferry tickets on our website is quite simple. Its enhanced features help customers to book their ferry tickets within seconds. As per the booking system online, customers need to fill up their requirements such as departure, arrival and date availability. Upon entering their requirement, the website presents the best suitable results as per their requirement. It eventually helps customer to book their ferry tickets from variety of options. These ferry tickets are classified on the basis of their timings, price, departure points etc.

Pricing of Ferry Ticket to Desaru

The prices of the ferry tickets are quite cheaper as compared to others. Easybook.com offers additional reduction in price with booking of return tickets. The ferry ticket per person costs SGD 25. If you book return ticket through Easybook.com, then you can avail further discount as well. It would enable you to save your precious money and use it for future ferry transportation purposes. Tourists and locals prefer ferry transportation as compared to other means. It’s quite easy and feasible for everyone. The ferry reaches Tanjung Belungkor (Desaru) in Johor on time. The ferry operators quickly transport each passenger on time without any hurdles. Its services are truly exceptional.

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