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Easybook.com partners with Antar Holiday to Provide Online Bus Ticketing Service

Easybook.com partners with Antar Holiday to Provide Online Bus Ticketing Service

September 9th, 2013

Easybook partnered with Antar Holiday to offer a stress free bus ticketing service online. This partnership allows convenience for the passengers to have an instant access to every day bus service to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Located in Alor Setar, Antar Holidays has been offering bus services to many passengers touring in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The company will be offering bus from Alor Setar to Genting Highlands together with one way bus transport from Johor and Singapore, Alor Setar to KL or Kuala Lumpur at Easybook.com, the leading bus ticket service online.

The company has an additional departure every day. The representative of the company pointed out that because of their hard work, people touring in Singapore are rest assured of a comfortable and safe journey. The Antar Holiday bus lines cover all main cities as well as towns in Malaysia. For example, they offer bus from Alor Setar to Genting Highland and many more.

The partnership of Antar holidays with Easybook.com Offers many benefits to all passengers. This saves the commotion of going to bus ticket tellers to buy tickets. Experience the expediency of a one stop portal for traveling needs. Lessen unnecessary costs and additional traveling expenses to tellers simply to purchase paper tickets. This saves customers from the concern of having no tickets and saves them time of falling in long line to purchase tickets. The process of buying tickets here is easy and fast. This allows passengers to select the seat they want and save money at the same time.

About Easybook.Com

Easybook is a secure and credible ticket online website. The company does not keep their client's credit cards and every payment process is handled through third parties. The company has been in the industry for many years now. And now, they are considered the biggest integrated ticketing portal in Singapore and Malaysia.

For those who are planning to travel Malaysia or Singapore, Visit Easybook.com for an easy and convenient way of buying tickets.

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