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Easybook Now Accepts Cash Payments Through 7-Eleven In Peninsular Malaysia

Easybook Now Accepts Cash Payments Through 7-Eleven In Peninsular Malaysia

September 30th, 2015

Easybook, a company that offers booking services for bus tickets, recently announced that they are now receiving cash payments through 7-Eleven across the entire Peninsular Malaysia.

The company said that the said service was initially made available in Klang Valley. However, Easybook has decided to make this service also available for interested customers all over the Peninsular Malaysia. "

According to the company, there were over 1,600 outlets located in Peninsular Malaysia that were engaged by Easybook in permitting all their customers to make payments of their bus tickets by cash. With that, the company would like to inform all of their customers who do not own an online-based bank account and are not holders of credit cards that they can now book for bus tickets and pay for them by going into 7-Eleven. This is sure to be a very convenient and easier mode of payment for coach tickets that are booked at the official site of Easybook.com. The company also added that customers will find this new mode of payment easy to complete and there will be no any other requirements to be submitted such as opening a bank account online and credit card. To pay them through 7-Eleven, customers are advised to follow some steps and they should begin with searching for their trips. Customers need to select their origin, destination, the date of departure, the time and so on. After that, they have to hit the button saying “Search Your Trip”. The next step is choosing their seats. They have to pick their desired trip, the number of seats and then hit “Continue”. The third step is to fill in the required details. In this step, customers have to fill in the Ticket Collection detail sheet and they should click the “Journey & Payment details” twice. The fourth and last step is to choose the 7-Eleven payment choice. The first thing they should do is to choose Option 3, read and tick the policy about ticketing, enter the word verification and hit the “Pay Now” button.

These steps can be completed in just a few minutes and customers may do so anywhere they are. Easybook is also planning to make this choice of payment more accessible to a larger number of customers.

Easybook was established in 2005 with a goal to offer the most convenient way to book bus tickets to Malaysia. They offer bus, car, train, local tour as well as ferry online booking services to different hottest destinations across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. All tour and transport tickets are available for secure and instant online booking.

To learn more about 7-eleven payment on Easybook, please visit here.

Source: http://www.worldpressrelease.org/?p=22695

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