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Press Release

Easybook.com Proudly Launched New INS Permata Enterprise Bus Tickets to Various Malaysian Destinations

Easybook.com Proudly Launched New INS Permata Enterprise Bus Tickets to Various Malaysian Destinations

August 10th, 2015

Malaysia's largest booking platform, Easybook.com has recently launched INS Permata Enterprise tickets and is very proud with the outcome of the launch. With the INS Permata Enterprise bus tickets, passengers are now offered with bus services from Kedah to different destinations all over Malaysia.

Easybook.com is known in Malaysia to be the largest platform providing online booking service since its inception back in 2005. Ever since that time, the company has offered online bus booking services for express bus as well as luxurious coaches. Their destinations are often from Singapore to Malaysia, East Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand as well as within Malaysian peninsula.

Being the largest online booking service provider, they are known to have over 7500 bus departures each day all over destinations from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Their service is quite easy and convenient where daily departures for the bus trips can be view through their website.

They also offer heaps of amenities including coach packages, hotel room booking, attraction tickets and vehicle chartering services as additional services to customers all over Malaysia and other countries. With all the years that Easybook.com have been in the service of offering quality online booking services, they have undoubtedly built their reputation as the most convenient and trustworthy online bus booking service in Malaysia.

Every choice regarding the trip is available in the site, from terms of timings, prices, seat numbers, the types of coaches, everything that customers might need. In order to make every possible trip for every type of passenger, Easybook.com has also made sure to partner with more than hundred well-known coach companies across Singapore and Malaysia.

With Easybook.com's newly launched INS Permata Enterprise bus tickets, they are able to further expand the service they provide. Now, more people are able to get a hold of quality express bus service to various destinations in Malaysia, destinations such as Changlun, Jitra, Alor Setar - Kedah to Pudu Sentral, Shah Alam, Seremban, Melaka, Kuantan, Hentian Duta and Temerloh.

What's more is the fact that bus ticket prices provided by INS Permata Enterprise are competitive and fairly reasonable. With this, it is not surprising for many customers to start booking for express bus tickets through Easybook.com. They surely will since INS Permata Enterprise allows them to travel comfortably. This newly launched bus tickets from Easybook.com and INS Permata Enterprise is definitely an exciting online booking service that will effectively cater every customer's travelling needs.

Source: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/easybookcom-proudly-launched-new-ins-permata-enterprise-bus-tickets-to-various-malaysian-destinations-616319.htm

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