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Easybook Partners With Eltabina Express To Provide Better Express Bus Services

Easybook Partners With Eltabina Express To Provide Better Express Bus Services

November 14th, 2013

Easybook.com partners with Eltabina Express to provide better express bus services for the residents and visitors of the area. As Eltabina Jaya Express Pte Ltd has been launched officially in Easybook.com, people can already find a newer and more convenient way to avail bus services. And when it was officially partnered with Easybook.com, booking becomes easier, faster and hassle-free.

As Easybook partner with Eltabina Express, people can enjoy their journey wherever they go as long as they are serviced by Eltabina Jaya Express Pte Ltd. They can save extra time and money since the transaction with Easybook.com is done online. For this reason, it will be more cost effective since they do not have to look for booking outlets to make a transaction. All they have to do is to visit this site and negotiate regarding the necessary details.

Eltabina Express has been established in 1992 and was headquartered officially in Kuala Lumpur. From then on, it became very popular when it comes to providing express bus services together with various chartered services from the country. It is directed to the major cities including the Malaysian Town, Singapore, and Hadyai Thailand. Eltabina Jaya Express Pte Ltd has also been officially launched as a subsidiary company of EJSB (Eltabina Jaya Sdn Bhd at Singapore in 1997. It became a part of the popular coach companies in Singapore and Malaysia with its famous bus routes from Singapore to Seremban, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh and much more. Some of Eltabina Express famous bus routes that can be found in Easybook.com includes bus from Singapore to, Yong Peng, Bercham, Seremban, TBS KL, Ipoh, bus from TBS KL as well as Bukit Bintang to Singapore last but least bus from Seremban to Singapore.

The partnership of Eltabina Express and Easybook.com has been accomplished to provide a complete range of bus services more than what people expect. They are free to choose from the coach types which they think are suitable for them. These two companies are both focused on the same goals of making the life of the people convenient and productive.

Easybook.com is an online booking network that has been established to offer a cheap price for all its types of services. It is also providing a complete range of service when it comes to online booking.

For more information, visit here . You may also send them e-mail at enquiry@easybook.com if you have more questions in mind.

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