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About Batu Pahat Bus Station

Locally known as “Terminal Bas Ekspres Batu Pahat,” the Batu Pahat Bus Station is situated in one of Malaysia’s popular and lively state namely Johor. Johor is mainly famous for the unique characteristics of its food ranging from influences such as Javanese, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Malay, European cuisine and many more. Within its capital city, Johor Bahru offers a little of everything in its own fashion from sandy islands to fascinating folklore.

Many bus services to Johor Bahru are provided for ease of travelling and there are a few express buses available departing from the Batu Pahat Bus Station. The distance between these two destinations takes an estimated time of around 2.5 hours depending on the traffic as unforeseen circumstances may prolong the journey. This Batu Pahat bus terminal is situated towards the west side of the old town of Batu Pahat.

Popular Bus Routes

Among the popular routes served via the Batu Pahat Bus Station include buses from Batu Pahat to Johor Bahru well as from Batu Pahat to Singapore. Being the largest bus operator in the Batu Pahat Bus Terminal, the most famous bus operator includes the KKKL Express as its headquarter is based in Batu Pahat as well as Transnasional. Schedules upon bus departures getting to and from the Batu Pahat Bus Terminal are now available to be reviewed on the website for convenient travel.

Popular routes from Batu Pahat Bus Station in Johor

How to Get to Batu Pahat Bus Terminal

To get to the Batu Pahat Bus Station, access can be attained via local and express buses or taxis operating to and from the Batu Pahat Bus Terminal. Train services to get to the terminal for now is unavailable as there is no connecting railway network.

Popular Bus Operators

Other than the top KKKL Express, passengers can choose from a variety of other express bus companies operating in the Batu Pahat Bus Station including Transnasional.

Facilities in Batu Pahat Bus Station

Although it is relatively small, the Batu Pahat Bus Station is still able to provide many basic facilities for the convenience of public use. For confirmation on bus schedules and ticket prices, the Batu Pahat Bus Terminal has a few ticket counters inside the terminal.

Recently, the Batu Pahat Bus Station has upgraded its terminal providing a sheltered waiting area. Other basic amenities such as washrooms as well as prayer rooms can also be found. There are small stalls nearby the Batu Pahat Bus Terminal where passengers can purchase drinks and snacks while waiting for their departures.

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Explore exciting destinations in Johor by using bus services operating via Batu Pahat Bus Station. World-class attractions such as Legoland, Little Paris in Johor and the Johor Premium Outlet can be easily reached with services from the available express bus.

Although no contact number is currently available for the Batu Pahat Bus Station in Johor, getting around will be of no hassle as it is a small town with welcoming locals. An easy online ticket booking for bus rides is now provided on Easybook through an easy-to-navigate platform for the convenience of planned as well as unplanned trips to Johor. Follow this simple guideline to book a bus ticket now via Easybook.

Batu Pahat Bus Station Contact Details:

Jalan Rugayah, Kampung Pegawai, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
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