Hong Danh Ferry Service

Hong Danh Ferry Service

Being one of the four biggest ferry suppliers in Ly Son is no joke. Located off the coast of Quang Ngai Province in Vietnam, Ly Son steadily became popular for being a tourist destination despite it being only new to travellers. Hong Danh swiftly took the chance in making this place as a part of its operating routes and offering up their services for both local and foreign travellers that wish to visit and explore this wonderful place.

Hong Danh is a ferry company that is known for transporting its passengers strictly on time, and as the trip to Ly Son from Cang Sa Ky Port takes up about only 45 minutes, their customers have a lot of time on their hands to enjoy the island as much as they can. Providing large high-speed boats as means for travelling on the sea, tourists can comfortably lay back on their seats while they wait to be transported to their destinations.

Popular Ferry Routes & Schedules of Hong Danh Ferry Service

Hong Danh uses the Ly Son Port, Quang Ngai to Sa Ky Port, Quang Ngai as their route. The schedule below is the current one this ferry company is using:

● From Ly Son Port, Quang Ngai
Timing: 03:00 PM
Travel duration: 1 hour & 28 minutes
From Sa Ky Port, Quang Ngai
Timing: 11:00 AM
Travel duration: 1 hour & 28 minutes

The departure schedule towards Ly Son Island id every two hours from 07:30 AM until 03:30 PM. Of course, this may still change depending on the weather conditions to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew and the availability of the ferry crew and services itself.

For more details on the ferry schedules and ticket price, head on out to easybook.com to book your trip with Hong Danhs ferry company.

Arrival Point and Pick-up Points of Hong Danh Ferry Service

Hong Danh’s arrival and pick-up points may be seen online. Better check it out yourselves to know where you will specifically go in order to get into the ferry.

Ticket Price of Hong Danh Ferry Service

Hong Danhs ferry ticket prices may vary but are around 7.35 US dollars for both adult and child per trip or 160, 000 Vietnamese dong (VND). A very reasonable and affordable price for a trip towards one of Vietnam’s rising tourist destination full of pristine beaches, hotels, and sea restaurants.

Top Features of Hong Danh Ferry Service

Ly Son Island can be quite popular during the summer, in the months of June up until September, which keeps tourists coming to see the beautiful beaches and participate in the fun activities on the island. This includes snorkelling, scuba diving, and island hopping that will surely make you appreciate the beauty of nature.

Designed as a closed cabin at the lower-deck and an open-air upper-deck, the simplicity of the ferries of this company is truly remarkable. They offer about 120 standard seats for their passengers that are cushioned. Within the ferry lies the basic amenities such as air-conditions or AC’s, television, life-jackets, and lifebuoys to make sure that the tourists are able to feel safe and calm while on the trip.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Group 8, Tay hamlet, An Hai Town, Ly Son District, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam 2553867905
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