Train Services To Woodlands

Located in the North Region of Singapore, Woodlands is considered a planning area as well as a residential town that is connected to Johor Bahru in Malaysia through the Johor-Singapore Causeway. After Singapore’s historic Tanjong Pagar railway station was closed down in 2011, Woodlands Train Checkpoint has become thef main point for all trains going in and out. The national railway service of Malaysia via KTM Malaysia serves as the most popular train to enter Woodlands. It has become easier to make that trip there with Easybook easily available for you to book your tickets for train from JB Sentral to Woodlands online wherever you are.

The most prominent route to Woodlands would depart from inter-city railway station Johor Bahru Sentral (JB Sentral) right smack in the middle of Johor Bahru. It is an important stop as many of the exchange happens here with all KTM Intercity services ending at JB Sentral, and not to Woodlands Train Checkpoint (also known as Woodlands CIQ - Woodlands Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine Complex) so you can expect the station to be packed most of the time. The price for a journey from JB Sentral across the causeway to Woodlands CIQ is merely RM5 and the journey will only take 5 minutes.

Two KTM ticket counters can be found at JB Sentral with one side for tickets sales that leave on the day itself, while the other side is dedicated to ticket sales for later dates. Though that might be a good idea, you can also speed up the process by purchasing your train tickets online for train to Woodlands or anywhere else with Easybook right? You may never know you might bump into a dreaded long queue and not knowing whether the seats are still available. With Easybook, you get the advantage of being able to select your seats comfortably in your own bed at home even.

After receiving your train from JB Sentral to Woodlands ticket in hand, head out to Gate A as that will take you down South (Singapore), while Gate B is for trains going up North. There are also some helpful bulletin boards to guide you at the JB Sentral terminal. Be at the departure platform at least 10 minutes early for your ticket to be checked as it will close 5 minutes before departure time. The distance to the departure platform is quite a walk, so make sure you plan your time properly so you don’t miss your train to Woodlands.

You will be required to go through custom and immigration clearance process as well. Take the escalator down to the custom and immigration counter to go through the formalities. Once that is done, follow the track to the departure platform and wait for the train to arrive. Tickets will be scanned and you can proceed to your designated seats. It will only take 5 minutes as you are welcomed by the air-conditioned KTM Trains. Just like other KTM trains, the seats are spacious and comfortable while you enjoy the speedy ride into Woodlands and beating the traffic on the road.

In almost a blink of an eye, you would have arrived at Woodlands CIQ. Upon arrival, you will of course go to the checkpoint for custom and immigration clearance. Be wary that you will have a bag scanner checkpoint to go through as the last procedure before going up an escalator to exit Woodlands ICQ.

Woodlands is more than just a train checkpoint. There are plenty available around the area from having one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore to the largest neighbourhood library in the country. This town is constantly being elevated with playgrounds, sheltered pavements, barbecue pits, communal gardens, multi-level parking lots, recreational facilities and trees can be seen almost everywhere to preserved the modernity that Singapore is known for. You can also find the Woodlands Town Garden to balance out the environment with Sungei Mandai Kechil, which is a river that leads to a lake in the park itself.

One of the most impressive development in Singapore is the second largest library of the country called Woodlands Regional Library located within the Woodlands Civic Centre. When it was established in the year 2001, this 4-storey high library was considered the largest library in Singapore until the 16-storey National Library on Victoria Street came into the picture in 2005, the reign was taken over yet still equally as magnificent with over 540,000 items available as operated by the National Library Board.

The other main attraction in Woodlands have to be Causeway Point as it has 250 shops spread across five floors and a basement making it one of the largest shopping mall in Singapore. In the year 1998, Causeway Point was first shopping mall to arrive in Woodlands beside the Woodlands MRT station and Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange. By the year 2010, the mall went on a major facelift that took 30 months to build. Causeway Point was elevated with a dry and wet playground on the 2nd and 7th floor respectively.

Woodlands Stadium and Woodlands Swimming Complex have become a regular spot as sports have become a major emphasis amongst the Singaporeans. There are also various recreational facilities that can be found around the Woodlands estates easily as well. It was only right that Singapore has its first sports school simply called Singapore Sports School that was opened in 2004 as an independent boarding school. Schooling is an important factor in Singapore, hence educational institutions are evenly assigned throughout the country.

Architecture plays a big role in creating Woodlands the form that it is today. It has found its touch of luxury modernism through colours and experimental styles; a house is more than just a regular house but a piece of art almost. Having Woodlands Square acting as the centerpiece, it has been attracting plenty of people into the town. The numerous redevelopments towards Woodlands have definitely paid off.

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