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About Ban Mi Railway Station

Ban Mi Railway Station serves as a part of Thailand’s Northern Line extension from Lopburi to Pak Nam Pho. It is located at the subdistrict of Ban Mi, distanced by 161 km away from Bangkok Railway Station. There are five tracks built on one platform at this station. The trains that pass by at Ban Mi rail station run to numerous railway stations between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  

Many travellers find that the connection of rail services at Ban Mi station quite convenient, especially for the locals as they would instead opt to board a train to go to the central city as the train fare is relatively cheaper. Ban Mi railway station only functions as a halt or small train stop for passengers to drop off and board the train to go to their preferred destination. 

How to Get to Ban Mi Station 

The easiest way to get to Ban Mi Railway Station is by train. Travellers can hop on the train via Northern Line from any railway stations between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Some of the stations include Bang Sue Junction, Ayutthaya, Lop BuriPhichit and Sila At to name a few. It is advisable to check the train schedule and map beforehand so that the trip can be planned properly.  

Popular Train Operator in Ban Mi Railway Station 

State Railway of Thailand entirely manages railway services in Ban Mi train station. The company has served more than 40 million passengers to date, and each year, they always strive to improve and develop more conveniences on their services to accommodate passengers a better and smoother journey.  

Popular Train Routes

Facilities in Ban Mi Railway Station 

Ban Mi station is just presented as a small train station that features essential amenities for the passengers and uses at their convenience. There are seats provided at the platform as a waiting area for passengers to wait for the train to arrive. An information board that lists down train schedules are hung just next to the ticket counter for easy and quick reference. Local taxis also pass by at this station quite frequently, so travellers can easily do their transfer from the station.  

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Ban Mi Railway Station

Ban Mi, Ban Mi District, Lopburi 15110, Thailand
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