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About Padang Tengku Train Station

The area of Padang Tengku is situated within the district of Lipis in Pahang. Although it is not very well-known, the area possesses a unique history. The name ‘Padang Tengku’ originated from an old story about a royal blood named Tengku Abdul Samah who was resting on a vast field with beautiful sceneries. Enticed by its beauty, he named the field after himself whereby the area evolved into a town after many centuries.

Padang Tengku Railway Station was once a significant railway station utilised mainly by the Selborne Plantation Company during the British colonialism. As Padang Tengku is a small area, the train station is centrally located in the town allowing access for the locals around to get to other regions. KTM Intercity trains operated by KTM passes through Padang Tengku Railway Station via the route that runs along the East Coast Line.

How to Get to Padang Tengku Railway Station

Several modes of transportations can be attained to get to Padang Tengku Railway Station. The easiest alternative to reach the train station is by boarding an intercity train served by KTM on the East Coast Line. Intercity trains will depart from Gemas Train Station whereby a train interchange is necessary through Kuala Lipis Railway Station to get to Padang Tengku Railway Station. Travel journey via train rides to get to the train station is estimated around 7 hours and please identify the right train routes before boarding to avoid any disruptions.

Popular Train Operator

Train operations within Padang Tengku Railway Station are currently furnished only by KTM Berhad. Please note that train services via KTM ETS are not offered within the train station and only KTM Intercity trains are available. Offering regular as well as competent train services KTMB is a reliable operator commuting the locals around the small town of Padang Tengku. Train schedules for trains running through Padang Tengku Railway Station can now be reviewed on the website.

Facilities in Padang Tengku Station

The train station in Padang Tengku has been around long before Malaysia’s independence as trains were the primary mode of transportation for many villagers during the period between 1920 to 1960. Although it was constructed primordially, several basic amenities are still available for the convenience of public use.

Ticketing counters are available allowing access for passengers to purchase and collect train tickets upon departures. A sheltered waiting area is also provided within Padang Tengku Railway Station offering comfort for train passengers.

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In the olden days, Padang Tengku Railway Station was a major train station primarily deployed by Selborne Plantation Company. Fast forward to the present, the railway station is currently operated by KTMB serving various train routes across Peninsular Malaysia. Padang Tengku welcomes to visitors from everywhere to experience a simple life in a peaceful village surrounded by a lush exotic scenery.

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Padang Tengku Railway Station Contact Details

Padang Tengku Railway Station, Kampung Beralas, 27100 Padang Tengku, Pahang
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