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Bus from Singapore to Port Dickson

Bus from Singapore to Port Dickson

Despite being one of the lesser known tourist attractions in Malaysia, Port Dickson is a fabulous choice for a short weekend getaway or week-long vacation thanks to its relaxing atmosphere and relaxing beaches. Port Dickson gives travelers everything that Malaysia has to offer without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of other more well-known locations. The best part? It’s extremely easy for Singaporeans to travel to Port Dickson by taking a bus from Singapore to Port Dickson.

Traveling by bus has become ideal for many people stricken with wanderlust because it’s very economical. When it comes to traveling to areas in Malaysia, it becomes even more practical since many great destinations are a short or manageable bus ride a way just like the bus to Port Dickson.

For this route in particular, the bus from Singapore to Port Dickson is about a 4 hour and 30-minute journey, but traffic conditions can easily bump the trip up to 5 hours. As such, it’s a good idea to bring some items to keep you entertained while you’re traveling to Port Dickson in this manner. Included in this time frame is a pit stop to allow passengers to use bathroom facilities and quickly stretch their legs.

Two bus liners service the route by bus to Port Dickson. The first, which operates regular trips between Singapore and the beach destination, is Golden Coach Express. Tickets on this liner cost SGD35, SDG70 for a round trip, with the buses usually departing from Singapore in the morning.

Golden Coach picks up its passengers from City Plaza Singapore and drops passengers off at the high end villas of Lexis Hibiscus in the Port Dickson Hotel. Additional drop off points for bus from Singapore to Port Dicskson include the Grand Lexis Hotel, the Avilion Port Dickson Hotel and Lukut, a small town within Port Dickson. Those who book round trips will be picked up from the Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson and can choose between drop off points at the Concorde Shopping Center or the City Plaza Singapore.

KKKL Singapore also services the route but typically only has one trip departing per day in the morning. Traveling via KKKL Singapore is the same price at SDG35 and picks up passengers at the Textile Center and, similar to Golden Coach Express, drops off at the Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson.

There are many things to enjoy at Port Dickson when you arrive there. Aside from spending your days enjoying the sun, sand and surf, Port Dickson is also home to a military museum, which features depictions and galleries of the Malaysian Military’s history along with old hardware, armored cars and helicopters.

A surprisingly fun attraction at Port Dickson is the Ostrich Farm where young children can even try their hand at riding an ostrich. The Yun Loon Chinese Temple is colorful and eye catching, while the Alive 3D Art Gallery is great for kids and art lovers alike.

Since there are very few buses that travel between Singapore and Port Dickson, the best thing to do is book your travels in advance and to book round trip tickets from the get-go.

Ticking this task off of your list before you depart for Port Dickson will play a big role in ensuring an enjoyable vacation with little to no hassle.

Get started on planning your vacation by visiting easybook.com and book your bus from Singapore to Port Dickson. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your passports!

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