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PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB)

Based in North Sumatra of IndonesiaPT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) is among the many bus operators in the country. The company was formerly known as CV. Kota Pinang Baru offering numerous bus services to a range of destinations. Book a bus ticket with PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) through online booking and embark on a remarkable exploration around Indonesia 

PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) Route & Schedules 

Bus Kota PinangBaru(BKPB) provides several choices of bus schedules to cater to a flexible and convenient journey. Trips by the operator cover numerous locations in Indonesia Teluk Panji, Hutan Godan, Bagan Batu and many more. Buses primarily depart from the city of Medan. 

Popular Routes: 

Amenities on PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) 

Services by PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) guarantees comfort as well as convenience. The operator offers two types of buses including Executive coaches and the standard Economy coach. Buses are equipped with comfortable seats and mineral water is also available for all guests on board.  

Reasons to Travel with PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB)

Aiming to provide a pleasant journey, PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) offers smooth, fast as well as reliable bus services. The operator seeks to provide a well-integrated operation with a team of competent staff. PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) also prioritises the safety of its onboard guests with experienced crew members to assist every trip. Bus tickets can be purchased at reasonable prices and guests can choose from a variety of bus schedules. 

Book PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) Bus Tickets Now 

Online booking is now available to secure PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) bus tickets conveniently. Get bus tickets at affordable prices with just a few clicks and save up time without queuing up at the ticket counter. PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) is always ready to serve ideal bus services ensuring a relaxing and pleasant ride on board its buses. Check out a selection of bus schedules by clicking online and purchase bus tickets in just a few minutes. Start a hassle-free journey with PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) today.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
PT. Bus Kota Pinang Baru (BKPB) Office Jl. Sisingamangaraja KM 6,5 No. 37A, Medan Amplas, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20148, Indonesia
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