Greenlines DP Ferry Service

Greenlines DP is one of the Vietnam operators that offer daily fast ferry services. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Greenlines DP is known for operating regular ferry schedules with friendly staff. Ho Chi Minh City is a historical town known by its classic French architecture, unique temples and pagodas. Greenlines DP serves the ferry route from Ho Chi Minh City towards Vung Tau City, which is a tourist centre in Vietnam conveniently.

Vung Tau is a popular weekend escape from Ho Chi Minh City and the city lies on a peninsula separated from the mainland by a gulf river called Co May river. The city of Vung Tau is often visited by tourists for its mesmerising landscapes and calming environment. Located just 180 km away from Can Dao beaches, travel to these magnificent beaches in Vietnam within Vung Tau conveniently by booking through Easybook!

Popular Ferry Routes by Greenlines DP

Greenlines DP ferries get to Vung Tau’s ferry terminal from Ho Chi Minh City daily at different travel hours. Return trips are also provided for the convenience of the travellers. The ferry schedules started early in the morning till evening in order to provide extra flexibility for travellers in planning their journey.

Popular Routes:

Amenities by Greenlines DP

Greenlines DP is operating on 80-seater ships that are fully equipped with essential amenities and facilities such as wide seats, air conditioning system, and toilet. The ferries owned served a high stability characteristic to protect passengers from experiencing seasickness while being on board. The standard amenities are also available on the ferries including the life-jackets and lifebuoys for safety purposes.

The company’s fleet of boats is designed with the best gears to provide an optimal safety measure and to avoid any unwanted issues from taking place on board. In any case of urgency, Greenlines DP staff members are available during the trips to ensure everything is under control.

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Ferry tickets for a ferry boat journey with Greenlines DP in Vietnam can be booked at any time and place without having to queue up over the counter through Easybook online booking platform. Greenlines DP’s ferry schedules, ferry routes and ticket prices can conveniently be reviewed on Easybook official website or mobile apps. Start booking with us now to create amazing moments in the charming city of Vung Tau!

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