Khai Kiong Express Ferry Service

Khai Kiong Express is a reliable ferry operator based in Sibu, an inland town situated at the confluence of the mighty Rajang River and the Igan River in Sarawak. The company operates ferry service or express boats from Sibu along the Rajang River, which is the gateway to Sarawak’s vast hinterland.

Passengers are encouraged to bring along thick clothes when boarding the ferries as it can be quite cold in the air-conditioned express boats. Travellers must arrive at the express boat 15 minutes before departure time. Khai Kiong Express promises great ferry service at reasonable ferry ticket prices available now through online booking.

Type of Features on Khai Kiong Express

Khai Kiong Express fleet comprised of fully functioning express boats with the capacity for 85 passengers per trip. Each boat is furnished with reclining seats, air-conditioning system and a television to ensure a pleasant boat ride for every passenger on board. Besides that, safety precaution is taken care off on all Khai Kiong Express boats with enough supplies of life-jackets in case of emergency.

Khai Kiong Express Ferry Schedules & Ticket Price

The main ferry routes that Khai Kiong Express operate are from Sibu to Song and Kapit with return trips. Ferry journey takes approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the number of stops made. Since Khai Kiong Express is not a direct boat trip, it will stop. Do bear in mind that ferry ticket prices are subject to change from time to time.

Book Khai Kiong Express Ferry Tickets Now

Do not skip Sibu the next time you are in Sarawak. Explore what used to be a dormant trading settlement to a flourishing modern town. Through a secure online booking system, travellers can review ferry ticket prices, ferry routes, ferry schedules and many more details of your desired trip. Start now by purchasing affordable Khai Kiong Express ferry tickets.

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