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KM Kirana is a water transportation service provider that serves the Parepare - Balikpapan route. The presence of KM Kirana replaces KM Swarna Bahtera, which previously served the route and is now no longer operating to serve the route. Balikpapan - Parepare route can be regarded as the busiest route, especially ahead of the flow of homecoming for both Lebaran and Christmas holidays. KM Kirana utilises ferries with a maximum capacity of 800 people. 

As a water transportation service provider for many Balikpapan residents to get to Parepare, the establishment of KM Kirana is  effective and valuable. Travelling avross the water is becoming a reliable option for some residents as the ticket prices are quiet affordable making the ferry services more popular among many residents in Balikpapan and Parepare. The existence of the services can help to accommodate residents who wish to return to their hometown during Lebaran and also Christmas and New Year. 

The facilities and services provided are as good as anywhere else offering comfort and safety for passengers. Although it does not rule out the possibility of unwanted circumstances, they can be minimized to avoid any unfortunate situations. Ferry services are also supported by professional crew members ensuring all the comfort for their passengers. 

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