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About Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Located in the northern part of Singapore, Woodlands encompasses a variety of comforts and conveniences of a typical Singaporean neighbourhood. Early Woodlands was dotted with rubber plantations and poultry farms occupied by many villagers who made their living as shopkeepers as well as vegetable farmers. The area earned its name due to the nature of being heavily wooded when it is viewed along the straits from Johor in Malaysia.

Woodlands Train Checkpoint is situated close to a primary causeway linking Singapore and the city of Johor Bahru (also known as JB). Although it is within Singapore, railway operations in Woodlands Train Checkpoint are operated by the Malaysian primary train operator known as KTM Berhad. Train tracks within the station are not visible until the immigration is passed through, making Woodlands Train Checkpoint distinctive from any other rail station as it does not look much like a train station.

Popular Train Route

Popular train route within Woodlands Train Checkpoint in Singapore.

How to Get to Woodlands Train Checkpoint

The easiest way to get to Woodlands Train Checkpoint is to take the Singaporean SMRT bus to Kranji Station then hop on bus services #170 or #178. The bus services will alight at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint bus stop. A designated drop-off point is available for those getting to the train station via cars and taxi services. Shuttle trains from JB Sentral also provide services towards Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Popular Train Services in Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Malaysia’s popular KTM Berhad currently offers train operations within Woodlands Train Checkpoint. Train tickets on board trains by KTM can now be viewed online on the website along with its respective train schedules.

Facilities in Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Several facilities are provided within Woodlands Train Checkpoint for the convenience of public use. With frequent train schedules, the train station is easily accessible for many moving in and out of Singapore as it is closely linked to Malaysia’s Johor Bahru.

A KTM ticketing office is available on the ground floor within the train station. Basic amenities are provided along with a waiting area and a car park space nearby. Woodlands Train Checkpoint is also encompassed by customs and immigration for outbound travels away from Singapore.

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Being one of the fastest growing areas in Singapore roughly over the last 15 years, Woodlands is a popular suburban area situated up north of the country. Woodlands offers an abundance of retail and entertainment along with a wide range of housing residencies making it a very popular region in Singapore. Moreover, the area is also closely connected to the city of Johor Bahru in Malaysia whereby Johor Bahru is widely known for its Bugis influences.

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Woodlands Train Checkpoint Contact Details

11 Woodlands Crossing, Woodlands, Singapore 738103
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