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Aditya Wisata Travel

The transportation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Indonesia. With easy access to movement, many people start traveling long distances using public transportation. This is a factor in the number of companies that have started to develop their businesses in the transportation service sector. One of the transportation services favored by the community is shuttle travel. Where this service makes your trip very easy, starting from pickup directly to the house so you don't need to come to the terminal or the travel address office. Each travel company also continues to provide creativity and innovation to make it easier in terms of service to passengers and to be ready to compete with other travel companies. One of the companies engaged in travel services is Aditya Wisata Travel which is located at Jln. Kadrioning Komp. Together with Permai Blok B no. 26 A and 26 C Samarinda, East Kalimantan. The company has two branches, namely in Balikpapan (East Kalimantan) and Batu Licin (South Kalimantan). For routes that are owned by Aditya Wisata Travel in the East Kalimantan region are Balikpapan - Samarinda, Balikpapan - Bontang, Balikpapan - Sangatta, Balikpapan - Melak, Balikpapan - Bengalon, Balikpapan - Muara Wahau, Balikpapan - Berau, and Balikpapan - Tanjung Selor. As for the South Kalimantan region the routes are Balikpapan - Batu Licin and Balikpapan - Sungai Danau. Apart from serving the major cities, Aditya Wisata Travel also provides car rental / car rental at affordable prices. You can also book domestic and international flight tickets with various airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Citilink, Air Asia, Sriwijaya Air, Merpati, and Mandala. You can also send important goods and documents within and outside the city.

 As one of the travel agents who have been working in Balikpapan for a long time, Aditya Wisata Travel always provides the best service for its passengers. Having a professional driver with more than 3 years work experience, as well as polite and friendly staff. The facilities include using a new vehicle so that the physical condition is still good and prime, air conditioning, comfortable seating, and low ticket prices. The MVP car units provided are the Toyota Innova and Toyota Avanza. This car is also available if you wish to charter or rent. To order tickets can be done both online and offline. If you want to order online you can visit the site www.easybook.com which you can open via your browser or google chrome. Booking tickets is quite easy, you just have to fill in the day of departure, departure time, destination, place of origin, and the number of seats you will order. This will make it very easy for you, because you can order tickets whenever and wherever you want without having to visit the travel office. But if your location is not too far from the travel office then you can order tickets offline by directly visiting the travel office on Jalan Kadrioning Komp. Together with Permai Blok B no. 26 A and 26 C. For ticket payments you can go via bank transfer or pay directly at the travel office when you order a ticket, or you can also pay when you arrive at the destination city by directly giving it to the travel driver. Ticket prices vary widely according to your destination city. However, it is certainly more practical if you order Aditya Wisata Travel tickets online at Easybook.com.

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