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Bus Bekasi Raya

Everyone has their own favorite mode of public transportation whenever they want to travel outside the city or province. Some choose planes, trains, buses, or shuttle travel, where each mode of transportation has its own advantages and disadvantages. For land transportation, one of the things that the community likes is buses. In addition to cheap ticket prices, buses have complete and varied travel routes so that wherever your destination city is, there will be several PO buses which can be an alternative choice to accompany your trip. Things that need to be considered before choosing a bus is to know the routes of the bus destination and what facilities you will get, whether according to the ticket price or not. One PO bus that has been operating for a long time in the transportation service sector is the Bekasi Raya bus. Judging from the name, this bus comes from the city of Bekasi which has several departments in the Jatabek area and across Sumatra, especially Lampung and South Sumatra. Even though the name is Bekasi Raya, the owner of this bus company is not a Bekasi person but a Lampung person. The Bekasi Raya bus majors include Raja Basa - Bandar Jaya - Kota Bumi - Ogan Lima - Bukit Kemuning - Sumber Jaya - Fajar Bulan - Sekincau Giham - Liwa - Sp. Seblat - Sukau - Batu City - Sp. Sender - Banding Agung - Lake Ranau. The other departments are Bara Datu - Simpang Empat - Marta Puta - Way Tuba - Muara Dua. To get on the Bekasi Raya bus, you can go through 2 terminals, namely the Bekasi terminal which is located at Jln. Ir. H. Juanda Margahayu, Kec. East Bekasi., Bekasi City, West Java and Kalideres terminal which is located at Jln. Raya Daan Mogot, Cengkareng Timur Kec. Cengkareng city West Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta. In addition, you can also get on the Bekasi Raya bus at the bus agency located at Jln. Raya Serang No. 10.5 KM. 25 8. Balaraja, Kadu Jaya, Kec. Curug, Tangerang, Banten with zip code 15610. Indonesia Bekasi Raya buses have reliable drivers who are experts in their fields and the crew and staff are friendly and courteous. The crew will serve your needs during the trip so you will feel safe and comfortable. The main objective of this bus is to get passengers safely to their destination. This service is equipped with supporting facilities such as comfortable seats with a 2/2 configuration of 50 seats, quite wide aisle seats, air-conditioned cars, and entertainment in the form of audio TV. This bus has 2 types of buses, namely economy and executive class, where the executive class bus facilities are more complete than economy class buses.

Ordering Bekasi Raya bus tickets can be done in 2 ways, namely, you can directly visit the terminal where the bus is located and order tickets through the crew and make payments directly at that time. It is recommended that you book an H-1 ticket before departure so that you can choose your seat. Apart from the terminal, you can also visit bus agents located in Curug, Tangerang city. If you are busy and have difficulty coming directly to the terminal, then you can book a bus via telephone at 0852 - 1672 - 1493 to order through a bus agent at Curug Tangerang. You only need to mention the name, city of origin, destination city, time and day of departure, and the number of passengers. Now to make it more practical, let's order Bekasi Raya bus tickets online at Easybook.com.

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