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Karina Perwakilan Perak

The mode of land transport today is still prima donna even more and more automotive companies that provide many facilities to make passengers comfortable while riding the bus. Karina Perak Representative also did not want to lose to provide promising facilities for passengers. PT Ryanta Mitra Karina In fact, Karina is a holding company from PT Eka Sari Lorena Transport which is an automotive company that provides travel between cities between provinces with very comfortable facilities.

Lorena Karina Bus Class Choice If you are interested in using the Lorena Karina fleet, then you should first know some classes provided by the automotive company. 1. Bus Lorena Karina Super Executive Class This bus has a 21 seat facility consisting of 1 row of seats on the left and 2 rows of seats on the right. The bus also provides features such as Full AC, uplifting chairs, TV / DVD, GPS, bedding such as pillows and blankets, as well as a special area for passengers who are smoking. 2. Bus Lorena Karina Executive Class If you choose executive class, you can get 30/34 seats with 2 row seat composition on the left and 2 rows on the right. Not to forget, it also comes with air conditioning, Toilets, up and down chairs, as well as entertainment equipment such as TVs and DVDs. The bus is also provided with blankets and a special area provided for smoking passengers.


Lorena Karina Bus Ticket Prices If you want to leave from Karina Perwakilan Perak Bus Agent then you can choose some of the routes that have been provided. Prices offered range from 200 thousand to 300 thousand depending on the class you choose. Karina Bus also provides several routes from Jakarta. For example, the route Jakarta - Tanjung Enim in the VIP class you can get from the price of 270 thousand, while for the executive route you can get from the price of 300 thousand only. If you want to go to Prabumulih, then you can prepare Rp 285,000 for VIP class, as well as executive class at a price of 320 thousand only. If you want to go to Palembang you can get a bus in the VIP class at a price of 285 thousand, as well as the executive class at a price of 325 thousand only. Bus Karina Lorena also provides routes from Jakarta Padang from 400 thousand, Jakarta Solok from 410 thousand, Jakarta Pekanbaru you can get from 435 thousand. You can also travel to Pekanbaru from Bandung for only 470 thousand. Karina bus service allows you to travel to all routes such as from pamekasan to Tangerang, from sumenep to Bogor or vice versa. Why should you use the Karina bus? Definitely because of the many facilities provided by this bus allows you to be able to travel freely without any problems. Even the karina bus is one of the 10 buses that are declared the best in terms of service. This is also due to the punctuality promised by Karina bus.

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