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Mitra Touna Travel

Using public transport when traveling is indeed the mainstay of Indonesian society. Both travel at close range as well as long distances between cities and between provinces. Transportation options are also plentiful ranging from land, sea, and air transportation. In Indonesia, many people prefer to use land transportation because of the relatively low ticket prices and more and varied destination routes. One of the most popular land transport used today is travel. Travel is a transportation service that can transport many passengers, but not as many buses. Travel is a transportation service that is often used by people today because it provides door to door pickup services. Where passengers do not need to go to the location of the counter and just wait for pick-up at their home - each so when arriving at the destination the passenger does not need to look for a vehicle to take home because the travel party will deliver you right at the destination. One of the travel that has been operating for a long time is Travel Mitra Touna.

Profil Travel Mitra Touna

Mitra Touna is a travel transportation service located in Central Sulawesi with a location address located in Ampana, Ampana Kota, Kab. Tojo Una - Una, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia with zip code 94683. Mitra Touna Travel is a travel for inter-city departures including Palu, Poso, Ampana, and also Luwuk for departure and departure. In addition to providing transportation services, Mitra Touna Travel also provides travel rentals to travel with family, friends, or co-workers with a wide range of car capacity options.

Facilities Travel Mitra Touna

Mitra Travel has reliable drivers and experts in its field so it makes you comfortable and safe while traveling. Mitra Touna also has staff and crew who are ready to serve the needs of your trip with courteous and friendly service. As for the facilities that passengers will get is a car with good engine condition and still excellent, comfortable seating with reclining seat so as to reduce the feeling of fatigue of passengers during the journey. The car is also equipped with air conditioning, music entertainment and timely pick-up. Mitra Touna Travel ticket prices are also quite cheap. Mitra Touna also provides facilities for those who want to purchase plane tickets with domestic flights for various airlines.

Mitra Touna Travel Ticket

To book a Mitra Touna Travel ticket, you can visit the counter location directly or via telephone. However, it would be more practical and economical to book tickets online at Easybook.com. By booking through Easybook, it is certainly safer and more convenient than having to queue in a hurry. The format of the booking is the name, pick-up location, destination location, hours and days of departure as well as the number of passengers. Book online Mitra Touna Travel tickets at Easybook.com.

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