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PO. Bali Perdana Perwakilan Mengwi

 Bus transportation is a transportation that is quite popular with people today. This is because bus transportation has many advantages over other transportation, such as relatively cheap ticket prices so that it can be enjoyed by various groups of people with different economic backgrounds. In addition, buses are also environmentally friendly and have various routes or destinations. In fact, almost all regions in Indonesia have bus transportation that is used to travel to other regions. This also makes many entrepreneurs take advantage of this opportunity to start a bus transportation service business for both inter-city and inter-provincial services or for traveling. The number of companies engaged in bus transportation services makes passengers have to be careful in choosing the bus company that will be used to accompany their trip. Because there have been many incidents of bus companies that have harmed passengers and made passenger trips uncomfortable even though they have already spent money on tickets. Well, one of the bus companies that can be the solution for your departure is the Bali bus company Perdana Representative of Mengwi.

Profil Po. Bali Perdana Perwakilan Mengwi

Po. Bali Perdana Representative of Mengwi is Po. Bali Perdana buses for representative offices in mengwi. The office is located in Mengwi, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Po.Bali Perdana Representative of Mengwi has routes including Surabaya, Denpasar, Gianyar, and Bangli for return and return trips. The Surabaya office is located at Jln. Peneleh's Tomb N0. 24, Peneleh, Genteng Surabaya, East Java province of Indonesia. Apart from providing inter-city and provincial services, Po. Bali Perdana Representative of Mengwi also provides bus rental services for tours and study tours. Because we know, Bali is indeed a tourism city in Indonesia with a variety of tourist destinations that are well known abroad.

Facilities Po. Bali Perdana Perwakilan Mengwi

 Po. Bali Perdana Representative of Mengwi always strives to improve the quality of service to passengers so that they can exist even though the competition between bus transportation services is getting fierce. The facilities that will be obtained by passengers include: a car with a good engine condition and prime, full AC, entertainment in the form of music equipped with audio and TV to watch so that passengers do not feel bored during the trip and the toilets in the on the bus. The bus seats are comfortable and can be reclined as well as wide leg room so that passengers don't feel too sore.

Po. Bali Perdana Perwakilan Mengwi Ticket

To order tickets, you can directly go to the Po counter. Bali Perdana Representative of Mengwi which is located in Mengwi. Orders can be made online at Easybook.com. You only need to input the name, city of origin, destination city, time and day of departure, and the number of passengers. For ticket payments can be made at H- departure hours. So that you don't run out of tickets, it is advisable to order a maximum ticket H - 1 day of departure. Come on, order tickets for the PO Bali Perdana Representative of Mengwi online at Easybook.com.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
PO. Bali Perdana Perwakilan Mengwi Jl. Makam Peneleh No.24, Peneleh, Kec. Genteng, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60274
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