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PO Jawa Indah Maju

Traveling by bus is one of the fun things for some people. Using bus land transportation does have advantages over other transportation. Such as the relatively cheap bus ticket prices and the number of routes or destinations the bus has. The bus also has a wide range of facilities and good security that can make your trip enjoyable. Because the bus transportation service is quite popular with various communities, many entrepreneurs take advantage of this opportunity and enliven bus companies in Indonesia, one of which is the bus company Jawa Indah Maju.

Profil Po. Jawa Indah Maju

 PO. Jawa Indah Maju Bus is a company founded in the 80s in Surabaya. Jawa Indah Maju started its business by releasing a fleet of dark green Mercedes Benz buses with series OF 1113, MB OH 1113, and Mitsubishi BM 115. Po. Jawa Indah continues to develop and began to increase its bus units and continue to improve quality due to competition between POs. Buses are getting more intense. PO office. Jawa Indah Maju is located on Jln. Tanjung Sari No. 42, Asem Rowo, Kec. Asemrowo, Surabaya, East Java province, Indonesia with code PO 60281. PO. Jawa Indah Maju has routes between cities and provinces on the island of Java and is famous on the Pantura route. PO. This continues to increase its expedition to have Java - Bali and Lombok routes.

Fasilitas PO. Jawa Indah Maju

PO. Jawa Indah has reliable and professional drivers so you will be comfortable during the journey because the driver is very careful in driving the vehicle. In addition, the crew and staff are also very friendly and courteous and ready to serve your needs before leaving. As for the facilities that passengers will get is a car with excellent engine condition, comfortable seating with ample leg space so it can reduce the feeling of passenger fatigue. Full air conditioning and entertainment in the form of music and LED TVs, toilets are in the Bus and pillows and blankets to make passengers more comfortable and not cold.

Tiket PO. Jawa Indah Maju

For PO ticket booking. Jawa Indah Maju can be done online at Easybook.com. For reservations via Easybook.com, you need to specify the name, original location, destination location, hours and days of departure, as well as the number of passengers. PO ticket price. Jawa Indah Maju varies depending on your destination city. Ticket prices are also subject to change - change according to the bus manager's policy. Usually tickets will experience an increase during national holidays such as the new year or Eid al-Fitr. Order PO Jawa Indah Maju bus tickets online at Easybook.com.

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