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Rama Sakti Travel

Rama Sakti Travel is a company engaged in land transportation based in the city of Yogyakarta. The company operates under the auspices of PT Rama Sakti Lintas Persada, established in 1983. Rama Sakti Travel currently focuses on Travel services (passenger transportation) and Express Package services. With 35 years of service, we continually strive to improve our services.

Our Passenger Transportation services cover routes across parts of Java Island, serving passengers traveling from one city/region to another. We utilize Isuzu Elf vehicles capable of accommodating 11 passengers.

Our service coverage currently extends across most of Java Island, with a focus on Central Java, including:

Yogyakarta | Cirebon | Losari | Tanjung | Brebes | Tegal | Pemalang | Comal | Pekalongan | Batang | Gringsing | Weleri | Sukorejo | Candiroto | Ngadirejo | Wonosobo | Parakan | Temanggung | Semarang | Magelang | Muntilan | Pati | Kudus | Demak | Purwodadi | Bojonegoro | Cepu | Ngawi | Sragen | Solo | Klaten | Salatiga | Boyolali

We are dedicated to providing reliable transportation services, and we will continue our efforts to enhance the quality of our services.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Office & Pool Jl Ringroad Barat No 1680, Banyuraden, Gamping, Sleman, DIY
Ticketing Counter : Jl Pangeran Diponegoro No 73, Gowongan, Jetis, Yogyakarta, DIY - Kode Pos 55233
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