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Ferry Terminals

About Changi Ferry Terminal

Changi, a vibrant tree-covered district surrounded by the warm waters of the Singapore Strait, is found at the eastern end of Singapore’s diamond-shaped isle. It is a region of considerable national importance included with the country’s main transportation port namely Changi Airport. The airport is home to the city-state’s military air base and stretches across almost the entire width of the peninsula.

There are two ferry terminals within the district of Changi namely Changi Ferry Terminal and Changi Point Ferry Terminal. These distinctive terminals serve specific routes to various destinations and it is advisable to check each departure from the terminals. Changi Ferry Terminal caters for ferries heading to Tanjung Belungkor which is nearby Desaru in Malaysia. A variety of ferry tickets departing from Changi Ferry Terminal is now available for bookings on Easybook.

Popular Ferry Routes

Popular routes from Changi Ferry Terminal in Singapore

How to Get to Changi Ferry Terminal

As Changi is known to be one of Singapore’s primary transportation hub, access to Changi Ferry Terminal will be of no hassle. Various means of transportation can be chosen from to get to the ferry terminal efficiently including Singapore’s public bus, local cabs and ride sharing services. Schedules for ferry departures can now be reviewed on the website for a convenient travel.

Ensure to specify the exact ferry terminal to get to as Changi Ferry Terminal serves different ferry routes than the ones departing from Changi Point Ferry Terminal with a variety of schedules to many destinations. Changi Point Ferry Terminal is popular for its routes heading toward Pengerang as well as Pulau Ubin in Malaysia whereas Changi Ferry Terminal heads to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal in Johor (Batam in Indonesia can only be accessed via Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal).

Popular Ferry Operators

Several well-established ferry operators are available offering daily trips from Changi Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Belungkor including Limbongan Maju.

Facilities in Changi Ferry Terminal

Changi Ferry Terminal hosts departures as well as arrivals to Singapore especially ferry services to and from Tanjung Belungkor in Johor with efficient timing. The terminal is located within an isolated place, but several facilities are still accessible for the convenience of public use.

Operating hours for ferry services in Changi Ferry Terminal commences every morning. A compact waiting area is provided within Changi Ferry Terminal with a vending machine nearby. Assorted drinks can be attained while passengers wait for departures. Washrooms are also available with a clean and comfortable setting. There is also a nearby parking space provided for passengers driving to the ferry terminal and wishes to leave their car as they get off from the isle of Singapore.

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Travelling to Malaysia’s southernmost state is made easy now with a vast amount of ferry terminals in Singapore including Changi Ferry Terminal. Check out Desaru’s extensive white sandy beaches complemented with an exquisite beach view and lose the stress away. Also, experience its fishing villages and do not miss out the variety of fresh seafood the place has to offer fabricating tasty local dishes.

Passengers can now book ferry tickets conveniently with Easybook by selecting a preferred pick-up and drop-off points as well as the travel dates to check out available ferry schedules. For a more comprehensible guide to ticket bookings, follow this simple guideline here provided by Easybook. Book ferry tickets now and enjoy a convenient travel to a variety of destinations.

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30, Changi Ferry Rd, Singapore 499675
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