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About Kg Paya Jetty

Tioman Island in Pahang, Malaysia is hailed as one of the best beach holiday destinations in the world. Picturesque with towering twin rocky peaks, white sandy beach, cool mountain streams and refreshing waterfalls amidst its lush tropical rainforest, the island’s waters are filled with a diverse range of aquatic species, colourful corals and mesmerising dive sites.

Within the isle of Tioman, a diversity of captivating, authentic local villages can be explored, and one of it is known as Kampung Paya or Kg Paya. It is a minuscule village and beach along the west coast of Tioman Island, located south of Tekek and north of Genting. A favourite spot especially for foreign tourists and families, Kampung Paya offers several major resorts and a budget hotel providing chalet accommodation with a jetty point known as Kg Paya Jetty connecting visitors from the country’s main peninsula to Tioman.

Popular Ferry Routes

There are no ticket counters available on Tioman Island, so travellers are encouraged to purchase 2-way tickets from Mersing or Tanjung Gemok terminals to have a convenient travel experience. Here are the popular routes to Kg Paya Jetty in Tioman Island.

How to Get to Kg Paya Jetty

To get to the jetty in Kampung Paya, access can be attained via various modes of transportation. The most common option is a combination of a bus ride along with a ferry ride as Tioman is separated from the mainland of the Pahang region. Flights and train routes will not be optionable as there are no services via these forms of transportation.

Within Kg Paya Jetty, there are three ferry rides regularly per day commencing as early as 8:30 AM. The trips, however, are cut down into once during monsoon season due to high tides and strong winds whereby travellers are advised to avoid boarding them during the season. Jetty points within Tioman are named after local villages situated on the island, and it is advisable to ensure the right jetty point as different resorts are located within different locations.

Popular Ferry Operators

A few ferry services operating in Kg Paya Jetty can be chosen from including Blue Water Express and Cataferry.


Kampung Paya provides many facilities due to the establishment of an abundance of resorts around the small village. The moderately priced resorts here, offering all-inclusive packages, make Kampung Paya popular with tourists from around the globe complimented by organised-tour packages to snorkel off the beach of Kampung Paya. Several popular resorts around Kampung Paya include Tioman Paya Resort, Paya Beach Resort and Paya Paradise Resort.

The different resorts within Kampung Paya also offer a multitude of activities other than resort facilities ranging from snorkelling to trekking. The available facilities within most resorts over in Kampung Paya include a beach club, sundeck, restaurants with fine dining as well as duty-free shopping.

Top features:


Kampung Paya is named after its wide stretch of mangrove swamps within the area as Paya is a Malay word meaning mangrove. The deeper waters off Kg Paya Jetty and neighbouring Tomok Island is where living coral reefs reside for snorkelling activities complimented by cooling mountain streams as well as spectacular boulder formations. Additionally, lush rainforest views occupy Kampung Paya's hilly backyard with a dramatic view of Gunung Kajang contributing to the highly exceptional reviews as a beautiful travel destination.

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Kampung Paya, Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia
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