Gemilang Motor Works Bus Service

Gemilang Motor Works is the name of a company based in Seremban Terminal 1, Negeri Sembilan who oversees the selling of bus tickets for the buses operated by Five Star Express. Five Star Express is a famous express bus service provider that serves bus route mainly from Seremban to several destinations in Singapore. With Gemilang Motor Works, travellers can directly reserve their seats on Five Star Express coaches.

Frequent travellers have given many positive bus reviews regarding Five Star Express. Among the feedbacks received include the bus’s punctuality on the arrival and departure time. Each coach is ergonomically furnished with snoozer seats to gives passengers a high level of comfort during the long-haul bus journey. GPS tracker is also installed in the coach to keep track of the distance and location.

Type of features

The coaches provided by Five Star Express are the standard express buses designed in the 2+1 seating arrangement. For every trip, the bus can accommodate up to 30 passengers. With advanced facilities built on board, passengers will be comforted with electronic controlled seats, spacious legroom with extended footrests and personal LCD screen as well as earphones. Travellers who book bus services with Gemilang Motor Works will be served with the mentioned amenities exclusively offered by Five Star Express.

Gemilang Motor Works Bus Routes & Ticket Price

The buses usually depart from Seremban Terminal 1 to several major destinations in Singapore, which are Woodlands, Beach Road and Golden Mile Complex. Travel duration varies depending on the distance, but it roughly takes around 3 to 4 hours of journey from Seremban to reach Singapore. Be reminded that this route involves border-crossing from Malaysia to Singapore, so travellers are advised to get their passports and other required documents ready before embarking on this trip. Bus ticket price for the route is offered from RM55 for a one-way trip.

Popular routes


Now everyone can conveniently purchase bus tickets through online booking platform provided by Easybook. This method gives convenience to those who wish to travel from Seremban to Singapore with Gemilang Motor Works. Bus tickets can be booked online without any difficulty and it only takes a few simple steps to complete the booking process. Just head over to Easybook website or download the mobile app on smartphone to review the bus schedules and other travel details!

Gemilang Motor Works Bus Schedule

Bus From Negeri Sembilan to Singapore First Bus Last Bus Fare
Seremban to Golden Mile Complex Select Date
Seremban to Woodlands Select Date
Seremban to Beach Road Select Date
Seremban to The Plaza Select Date
Bus From Negeri Sembilan to Penang First Bus Last Bus Fare
Seremban to Penang Sentral (Butterworth) Select Date
Bus From Negeri Sembilan to Perak First Bus Last Bus Fare
Seremban to Terminal Meru Raya (Ipoh Amanjaya) Select Date
Bus From Negeri Sembilan to Johor First Bus Last Bus Fare
Seremban to Yong Peng Select Date
Seremban to Johor Bahru (JB Larkin Term.) Select Date
Bus From Negeri Sembilan to Kedah First Bus Last Bus Fare
Seremban to Sungai Petani Select Date
Seremban to Jitra Select Date
Seremban to Alor Setar Select Date
Seremban to Changlun Select Date
Bus From Negeri Sembilan to Perlis First Bus Last Bus Fare
Seremban to Kuala Perlis Select Date
Seremban to Kangar Select Date
* Only 0.01% trips slightly higher than counter price. ** Only applicable for transactions without the use of discount code and trips offered by certain companies. *** For certain trips only, discount already reflected in the ticket price itself (i.e. lower price than bus counters). * Bus pictures are for reference only. * Trip durations are estimated time only.