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About Kuala Pilah Bus Station

Located in Negeri Sembilan is the old valley town of Kuala Pilah, about 38 km from Seremban, where the Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal is stationed. Locally known as Hentian K.P., it is a double story sheltered building with the taxi stand on the right opposite of the building. The bus station is strategically placed in the middle of Kuala Pilah town, making it easily accessible to convenient stores, food stalls as well as a five minutes’ walk to the morning market.

It is particularly close to the different colleges in the town such as the nursing college and the matriculation college. However, the town’s main tourist attraction lies in its proximity with Ulu Bendul Recreational Park that has a waterfall and a snake park. Packed with visitors during weekends, there are operating buses from the Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal to the park at very affordable prices in less than 20 minutes.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal in Kuala Pilah

How To Get To Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal

Access to Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal can be done via bus, car and taxi services. There are no running train stations nearby or any train services to Kuala Pilah. The town is noted for being a significant rest-town for travellers via the connecting highways from Tampin to the east coast states of Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu. Visitors en route to Kuala Pilah will notice a lot of houses with the Minangkabau architecture of sloping 'buffalo horn' style rooflines.

The Kuala Pilah bus station is quite functional with many bus services operating there. For passengers in Kuala Lumpur, the journey from KL to Kuala Pilah is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Taking the bus proves to be the most cost-effective option in travelling to near and far places. Passengers can always turn to Easybook for online booking and get the best ticket prices.

Popular Bus Operators

Transnasional is the leading bus operator available in Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal, advancing to destinations such as Pahang and Terengganu.

Facilities in Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal

The bus station is not as old as the rest of the buildings in town. It has all the expected amenities such as bus operators' booths, management office and toilets all on the first floor. The bus terminal is rather spacious as there are enough parking spaces for vehicles at the Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal, so to avoid any road inconveniences.

Upon arriving, passengers will not have a problem in getting around the venue. There is not much at the terminal itself but while waiting for departure, do check out the shophouses and convenient stores nearby to get accustomed with the taste and feel of Kuala Pilah.

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If you are looking for a new place to ease up that is not too far from the city at an affordable rate, just head over to Kuala Pilah and board the bus to the recreational park. The Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal is just nearby various shophouses within walking distance, very convenient for locals and travellers who come to visit.

There is no available contact number of the Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal, but you can always check for bus schedules and ticket prices on the Easybook website for the time being. Easybook is always there to assist in all your travels in an effective and manageable way with these simple steps.

Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal Contact Details:

Taman Pilah Jaya, 72000 Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
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