Please ensure that you have a valid Travel Document from the authorities before you book. Passengers are advised to check the latest travel information through the relevant local authorities. Passengers who fail to present valid travel document or follow to destination's requirements would be denied boarding/denied entry.

Ferry Ticket from Bintan, Indonesia to Tanah Merah, Singapore

Are you looking for alternate routes to Singapore from Indonesia? Opt for Bintan Ferry as it is the most convenient route of transportation between these 2 nations. It’s lighter on your pocket and reliable in nature. Nowadays, air travel has become thing of past, opt for Bintan Ferry. The booking process for each ferry services is quite simple as you can simply choose number of seats as per designated time and place. Apart from that, Bintan Ferry from Indonesia is often packed with tourists & myriad travellers. It shows that ferry is gaining popularity with each passing day. Indonesian tourists often flock to terminal in order to board these ferries.

Booking Process of Tanah Merah Ferries

The process of reserving a seat is quite simple and affordable. In recent days, it has immensely become popular among local tourists in Indonesia and Singapore as they intend to enjoy the sight of the vast sea along with other marine creatures. The tanah merah ferry terminal to bintan are priced reasonably. You can simply choose between One Way Travel and Round Trip. These ferries usually depart from 9:35 AM in the morning. Afterwards, there are number of ferries scheduled to depart till 8:15 PM. These ferries are operated by some of the major ferry operator in Singapore and Indonesia. Customers have the feasibility to choose their preferred ferry company on Easybook.com. Apart from the booking process, customers have the advantage to opt for discounts on ferry tickets as one can avail discount till SGD 13 for each return ticket.

Ferry rates from Bintan, Indonesia

The Bintan ferry rates are quite cheaper as compared to any other forms of transportation. These cheaper ferry rates are priced at SGD 45. Moreover, one can easily pay the ferry rates through various options. These rates are inclusive of taxes, miscellaneous ferry expenses etc. It has been seen that tourists irrespective of any country prefer to travel through these ferries. Moreover, one can hire the ferry fully for family recreational holiday. Sometime, tourists often indulge in food and beverage inside the ferry while enjoying the sight at sea.

Additional information about Bintan Ferry

The Bintan Island Ferry is cherished for their remarkable services as they rejuvenate the experience of travelling over high seas. It is quite famous among its fellow passengers as these ferries are built with modern equipment’s such as radar, GPS etc. Apart from that, the Bintan Ferries have built a reputation for all these years. These modern ferries transport only 12 people at a time which makes them a lot safer to travel as compared to other form of transportation. Easybook.com simplifies the process of booking each ferry ticket as one can book tickets in advance without any hassle. These ferries are primarily operated by Bintan Resort Ferries. They travel from Bintan, Indonesia to Tanah Merah, Singapore. They often transport their passengers on time. People often confuse these ferries with other mode of transportation. In fact, these ferries have proved really beneficial for tourists.

* Only 0.01% trips slightly higher than counter price. ** Only applicable for transactions without the use of discount code and trips offered by certain companies. *** For certain trips only, discount already reflected in the ticket price itself (i.e. lower price than bus counters). * Bus pictures are for reference only. * Trip durations are estimated time only.