Azhar Teguh Jaya Ferry Service

Having a vacation, either for a long or short period of time, gives you the space for relaxation and adventure. It is whether you stay at your home or you get your backpack and settle for a travel of your desired destination. And if you think of going outdoors, it includes wandering in the ocean to feel the crispiness of the fresh wind. But in order to do that, you must look for the ideal boat that would make your journey a lot better and exciting. With various ferry services sprouting everywhere, the need for a reliable and well-established boat is a must. Azhar Teguh Jaya Ferry service is just an ideal boat if you are about to explore some of the islands nesting around the country of Malaysia.

The Azhar Teguh Jaya ferry service is an Azhar Teguh Jaya Enterprise, which belongs to Merong jetty, a company in Malaysia. The business is about giving people services by dwelling the waves through their boats. They can be found in Kuala Terengganu near the Sultan Mahmud Airport. If you are searching for trips that offer a tour package, this ferry service is a good choice. You can get the chance to explore the marvelous view under the water since they provide snorkeling.

Azhar Teguh Jaya Ferry Service’s Schedules and Ticket Price

The routes that you can have for this ferry service are a bunch in number. There are different islands where the boat can take you for various activities that you will truly enjoy. Such outdoor activities include trekking in the massive jungle, swimming in the crystalline water of the beach or scuba diving. Through this ferry, you can go from the Merrang Jetty to several islands like Bidong Island, Redang Island and Lang Tengah Island. With only thirty kilometers distance, the jetty with the closest space to Redang island is the Merang Jetty. It would take you forty-five minutes to one hour to reach the island. With regards to the ticket price, the trip fare for adults ranges from RM55 to RM90 while for children it ranges from RM28 to RM80. If you have someone with you that is less than 2 years old, then you do not have to worry about the fee because it is free.

Best Features of Azhar Teguh Jaya Ferry Service

Their services are meant for assuring their passengers to have a fast and convenient boat ride going to Lembongan. There are various facilities onboard that you get to choose from. Rest assured that aside from the good services they offer, they also have welcoming staff aboard in which they mainly prioritize their passengers’ satisfaction, comfort, and safety. All of their services will definitely make your vacation or holiday experience a lot more enjoyable and unforgettable.

Azhar Teguh Jaya Ferry Service’s Best Facilities

To fully enjoy your stay on the ferry, it offers different facilities for your comfort and security. In the main deck, they have seats that can recline so you can sit with ease and toilets and air conditions for your comfort. This is to make sure that you will experience a great water adventure. For your safety, they also offer safety tools like life-saving jackets. With such onboard facilities, it is worth the money.

Watching the view while onboard is definitely relaxing, especially if you are riding a nice boat. You can roam the island without worries because you know how safe you are with the ferry. So, if you want to explore some of the islands that Malaysia has, you can pick for the Azhar Teguh Jaya ferry service as your guide.

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