Bistari Gemilang Ferry Service

Bistari Gemilang Ferry Service

This ferry operator is a well-established one. They are based in Johor Bahru. They are known for their reliable ferry services, and they are in this service of providing so many trips for so long now. You can travel on a boat ride going to the wonderful islands in Johor. Bistari Gemilang is also operating their ferries taking the routes to Indonesia and most especially it includes return trips also. They have frequent ferry services coming from Stulang Laut, Johor. It is because they want to offer their passengers various options of schedules that they could choose from. They guarantee to give you the best services they have for their passengers.

Shecudles and Ticket Price of Bistari Gemilang Ferry Service

The route they mainly cover with their trips is the route within Stulanf Luat and Batam. The trip takes nearly 2 hours duration. The cost of the ferry ticket for a child is around RM46 and the cost for an adult is RM71. There is no need to pay for the ticket of an infant below 2 years old.

The first departure of the ferry from Johor is 7:30 am in the morning and the last departure is at 6:45 pm in the evening, with regular schedules of the ferries. Coming from Batam, the first departure is at 6:30 am in the morning and the last departure of the ferry is at 5:30 pm in the evening. Bistari Gemilang Ferry routes cover Stulang Laut to Batam.

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Bistari Gemilang Ferry Service’s Top Features

Their ferries are all well-maintained and fully functioning, and they are keeping it clean. All of that is highly considered for the comfort of all their passengers. The ferries in Bistari Gemilang come in both single-decker and double-decker having the capacity to accommodate more than a hundred passengers on each trip. All of their boats are highly equipped with fully air-conditioned cabins, very comfortable seats and toilets in its main deck. They also make sure that they have enough safety equipment for safety measures such as lifebuoys and life jackets, inside the Bistari Gemilang boats.

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For more inquiries, you can visit easybook.com to know more about the services offered by Bistari Gemilang and to get more detailed information for the getaway that you want to experience. Travel the beautiful places of Malaysia through a ferry with the best services offered to you during the trip. Be sure to check your reservation the day before the trip to make sure that there is no problem. Have an enjoyable trip to Malaysia.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
lot 2-29, Berjaya Waterfront , Level 2, Johor Bahru 07-2200160
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