CC Blue Sea Travel & Tour Ferry Service

CC Blue Sea Ferry Service

Stretching your horizon by exploring new things is awesome. You can do a lot of things outside your home to free yourself from stress, boredom and other burdens that might be a hindrance to your happiness. Travelling is one of the most common ways to get rid of that negativity. Exploring the islands of Cambodia with its jaw-dropping attractions can help you rebuild your optimism and uplift the spirit within your body. Through that venture, you will need a ferry to be the citadel of your journey. The CC Blue Sea ferry service is just a great example of that.

The CC Blue Sea ferry service had only emerged in 2018 but it is already one of the leading water transportation in Cambodia. Known for its fast boat services, the newly modernized company is gaining a lot of attention from both the local and foreign travelers. It is operated regularly to give the passengers a flexible schedule. Through the ferry of this company, you can travel to the beautiful islands in Cambodia.

Schedules & Ticket Price of CC Blue Sea Ferry Service

The operation of the ferries under the CC Blue Sea prioritizes the travelers so it begins early in the morning up until evening. With this kind of departure, you will surely get the right time for you whether you want to travel early or go at night. Such flexibility is suitable for those who have specific plans for their journey. The company also provides round trips, not just a one-way travel experience. The routes of the ferries include Sihanoukville to Koh Rong and from Koh Rong back to Sihanoukville. Another route is From Sihanoukville, going to Koh Rong Samloem then from Koh Rong Samloem back to Sihanoukville.

Top Amenities of CC Blue Sea Ferry Service

The company had been popular though it is a new operator in the field. One of the reasons is because of the modern facilities that it offers to passengers. Such facilities include a high-safety factor that each ferry holds to protect the boat and the passengers from the changing conditions of the weather. The ferry contains sixty seats and is packed with great amenities. It has reclining seats for comfort, air conditioning, toilets, and ample legroom.

They have crews that are sociable and friendly to assist the passengers. The captains of the ships are trained well for better travel. Their hospitality is very visible so you feel secure and happy throughout the trip. You can experience the company’s ferries in the affordable ticket prices.

Cambodia is indeed a great country with such beautiful islands around it. Exploring these islands through the water can be awesome, especially if you ride one of the CC Blue Sea ferries. Their services only show how great it is to be floating in the sea while watching the glistening treasures around you.

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