Husqvarna Express Ferry Service

Husqvarna Express Ferry Service

Husqvarna Express Ferry Service is from Malaysia, and this express boat is one of the popular mediums of transportation in the longest river in Malaysia, which is the Rajang River. This ferry operates on Sibu, which is one of the three largest towns in Sarawak, and the other two are the Kuching and Miri. The people living in Sibu consist of different varieties of races such as Chinese, Iban, Melanau and the Malay people.

To enter the central region in Sarawak, Sibu is one of the main ports of entry. The city of Sibu has been one of the trading grounds for the surrounding towns, and to be able to sell one's product, one must travel. Husqvarna Express Ferry Service promises to transport passengers with extra care, comfort, and safety services at a reasonable price of tickets that can now be purchased online for those travelers and foreign tourists.

Husqvarna Express Ferry Service’s Schedules and Ticket Price

Talking about the price tickets and Husqvarna Express Ferry Service Ferry Routes, the ferry has routes from Sibu to Song and Kapit, and return trips as well. For the Kapit, the town is only accessible through water transportation. The travel time takes about 2 and a half hours to 3 and a half hours. The ticket price for one way route is between RM 17-RM 20 or $4.08-$4.8 for Sibu to Song routes while for Sibu to Kapit, the price ticket ranges from RM 20-RM 40 or $4.8-$9.6. The tickets are very affordable but the schedules may vary from time to time depending on the weather condition or water level to ensure everyone's safety.

Husqvarna Express Ferry Service’s Top Features

This express boat is just one of the many ferry operators that transport passengers within Malaysia, but it also has its own features which they are proud to share with you during your trips. For the amenities on Husqvarna Express Ferry Service, this is a fully functional ferry that provides comfortable and furnished reclining seats for comfort on board, a television for entertainment, and air conditioning at the main deck for refreshment during hot hours. Then for safety, this ferry is also emergency-ready because they have enough supplies of lifejackets for each passenger. The staffs are friendly and knowledgeable about first aid treatment in case of emergency and they are always available in case you need help or if you have some questions.

Husqvarna Express Ferry Service’s Tickets are Available Online

You can now book Husqvarna Express Ferry Service Tickets in Easybook. So get ready to be immersed in the life of Sarawak and see all the amazing places in Sibu such as the largest Malaysian wet market, the Sibu market, and the Heritage center in Sibu. Through Easybook, it is ensured that your bookings will become easy with its secure and easy online bookings system that will help you check and have your preferred Husqvarna Express Ferry Service routes, the ferry schedule and some details of your trip. This is to provide a hassle-free smooth travel adventure going to Sibu. So book now and visit the Easybook website for more information about your next trip

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