Jolly Travel

Operating mostly in Thailand's southern area, Jolly Travel is a travel firm that specialises in ferry and minivan services. Their main service offering is making it easier to visit well-liked tourist spots including the Rawi Islands, Tarutao Island, Adang Island, and Koh Lipe. Running mostly out of the Pak Bara Pier in La-ngu, Satun, Jolly Travel also provides services to neighbouring places including Hat Yai, Krabi, and Langkawi.
The firm offers travellers wishing to see Southern Thailand's colourful and picturesque coastline and island regions easy ways to go about. Making it easy to get between the mainland and several islands, they serve visitors who want to see Thailand's famous beaches and marine life with a combination of ferry and minivan services.

Jolly Travel Services

In Thailand, Jolly Travel offers many different kinds of transport and travel services. They are best known for their boat and minivan links to and from islands and the mainland. Here are some of the most important things that Jolly Travel does:
Jolly Travel runs boat services that link several islands, including Koh Lipe, Tarutao Island, Adang Island, and other nearby islands, to places on the mainland, such as Satun and Krabi.
Minivan Services: They offer minivan from airports and bus stations.
Booking Tickets: Jolly Travel's platforms make it easy to book tickets for buses, ferries, and minivans, so they can serve both local and foreign tourists.
Because of these services, Jolly Travel is an important part of travel planning in Southern Thailand. They help tourists get around the country's beautiful but tricky coastal areas and archipelagos.

Popular Routes and Schedule

There are a lot of famous routes that Jolly Travel runs that link different places in Thailand, especially between the mainland and islands in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. These are some of the roads they take most often:
These services' plans usually allow travel during the day, with multiple trips planned throughout the day to handle a lot of tourists, especially during busy travel times. If you want the most correct and up-to-date schedule information, you should talk to Jolly Travel personally or check Easybook for further information and promotion. Happy travelling!
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