Mieha Holidays Ferry Service

Mieha Holidays Ferry Service

Mieha Holidays is a ferry organization situated in Terengganu that was built in the year 2015. The organization offers solid ferry service with return trips from Kuala Besut Jetty to Perhentian Island. Mieha Holidays is reasonable for all types of events, be it for family purposes, business or solo excursions to get around easily.

Other than giving ferry service, Mieha Holidays spends significant time in exhaustive local visit bundles at Perhentian Island, Kapas Island and Redang Island. Travelers can survey Mieha Holidays ferry plans and get ferry tickets at moderate costs through web-based booking. This is a way that almost all ferries are offering when it comes to booking tickets because this makes the purchasing fast and easy.

Mieha Holidays Ferry Service’s Ready Convenience

Mieha Holidays ferry administration offers well-kept speedboats that are either a super lodge or quick open vessel. Mieha Holidays super lodge ferries are outfitted with a complete cooling framework and agreeable seats. The cooling framework will give you and other passengers a more comfortable and relaxing trip going to your destinations.

Travelers are guaranteed a relaxed vessel ride as the ferry takes safety tools to prioritize passengers’ safety. For example, they have life-coats and lifebuoys on each ferry. So, voyagers like you do not have anything to worry about in case something goes wrong.

Mieha Holidays Ferry Service’s Routes and Fares

While Mieha Holidays covers ferry courses to close by islands in the region, the most famous course is from Kuala Besut to Perhentian Island and the other way around. The ferry ride takes roughly 25 minutes to come to Perhentian Island. If not the fastest mode of transport, it rides at the fairest enough speed taking account of safety and convenience.

As for ticket price, ferry ticket costs are diverse, relying upon the bundles you choose. However, the tickets offered are reasonable in price so that you can afford it easily.

Book Mieha Holidays Ferry Tickets Now

Perhentian Island has been an acclaimed island goal for the neighborhood and universal travelers. The excellent seashores are reasonable for the sake of entertainment. You could make use of Mieha Holidays Ferry Services if you just want to enjoy the moment in Perhentian Island or maybe to have some time unwinding time.

If not, you may perhaps want to explore Perhentian island to have some island exercises, for example, sunbathing and swimming. Accept the open the door to visit Perhentian Island with Mieha Holidays ferry administration by obtaining the ferry tickets through a safe web-based booking where you can book in under 5 minutes. Make a point to check ticket price, ferry schedules and ferry courses of your ideal escape before making the last installment.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
B6,Plaza Mara,Pekan Kuala Besut,22300,Kuala Besut,Terengganu 012-9554647/09-6904212
* Only 0.01% trips slightly higher than counter price. ** Only applicable for transactions without the use of discount code and trips offered by certain companies. *** For certain trips only, discount already reflected in the ticket price itself (i.e. lower price than bus counters). * Bus pictures are for reference only. * Trip durations are estimated time only.