Pan Silver Ferry Service

Pan Silver Ferry is a ferry operator based in Perak that serves regular boat rides to Pulau Pangkor. Having an excellent ferry service that conveys both locals and tourists to their destination safely according to the ferry schedules provided, Pan Silver Ferry is a reliable ferry operator with a lot of experience under their belt.

Pulau Pangkor is a famous resort island in the Manjung District of Perak with plenty of activities and amazing attractions for visitors to enjoy. Pan Silver Ferry promises great ferry service at reasonable ferry ticket prices.

Amenities on Pan Silver Ferry

Pan Silver Ferry has several fully functioning ferries in its fleet that comes in either single deck or double-decker with a capacity to convey 80 to 200 passengers in one trip. Each boat is designed with comfortable indoor seats, fully air-conditioned cabins and toilets at the main deck. Safety precaution is taken care off by Pan Silver Ferry with enough supplies of life-jackets and lifebuoys for all passengers onboard the ferry.

Popular Pan Silver Ferry Routes

Pan Silver Ferry operates at a few ferry routes but mainly runs its ferry service at the Lumut – Pangkor – Lumut route. The company has also added more ferry routes, one example being the Marina Island – Pangkor – Marina Island route. This is to give visitors easy access to the local island resort.

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Take a boat trip to explore Pulau Pangkor and see up close the gorgeous beaches and landscapes of the island. Plan a trip now by purchasing affordable Pan Silver Ferry ferry tickets.

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