Ploysiam speedboat

A popular route for tourists wishing to explore the picturesque island of Koh Lipe in Thailand, Ploysiam Speedboat provides ferry service between Pak Bara Pier and Koh Lipe. They offer passengers convenience and flexibility by operating on a daily basis throughout the entire year. Awe-inspiring vistas of the Andaman Sea and its environs are available during the approximately one and a half-hour journey.

Daily availability of a customer support hotline and the ability to modify travel dates are among the essential amenities that the speedboats are furnished with in order to improve passenger comfort. Moreover, passengers arriving by air can more easily connect to their speedboat service by utilising their transportation services from Hat Yai airport to Pak Bara Pier. 

Types of Boat and Facilities

The facilities provided by Ploysiam Speedboat are geared at making sure that guests have a comfortable and effective trip. Following are some of the main conveniences offered along the trip:-


Comfortable Seating

Scenic Views

Language Support

Accessibility Options

Digital Ticketing

Customer Service

Popular Boat Routes & Schedules 

Ferry From Koh Lipe To Satun

Ferry From Koh Lipe To Songkhla

Ferry From Songkhla To Koh Lipe

Ferry From Satun To Koh Lipe

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