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Hat Yao Pier Ferry Terminal

Dotted with karst limestone cliffs, windswept beaches and mangrove forests, Trang in Southern Thailand is a fantastic coastal province with a magnificent shoreline along the Andaman Sea. Welcoming travellers from across the world, among Trang’s most beautiful beaches include Koh Lanta, Koh Mook, Koh Lipe and heaps more! The only way to get to these beaches is by taking a boat trip at any major ferry terminals within Trang. 
The Hat Yao Pier serves as a ferry terminal to Trang islands with daily ferry schedules. During the day, this ferry terminal is packed with passengers boarding ferries that are departing and arriving from the islands. Once reached the ferry port, travellers shall exchange their ferry ticket with a sticker at the ferry terminal check-in point. Coming 45 minutes early is advisable to avoid drawbacks. 

Popular Ferry Routes 

Popular ferry routes from and to Hat Yao Pier in Thailand. 

How to Get to Hat Yao Pier Port 

Ferry schedule for boat departure can now be reviewed on the website for convenient travel. Hat Yao is a ferry terminal located within Trang Province and about several kilometres away from the city. There are a few modes of transportation service that can be attained to get to the ferry port easily. Other than buses and taxis, long-tail boats and ferries from neighbouring Trang islands to Hat Yao are also available. 

Popular Ferry Operator 

A prominent ferry operator such as Tigerline Travel Co Ltd offers ferries with daily trips departing from Hat Yao Pier. Travellers can head over to Easybook online booking platform to check upon ferry ticket price as well as ferry schedule. 

 Facilities in Hat Yao Pier 

Hat Yao Pier serves numerous ferries departing from the ferry port to different islands along the coast of Thailand. The first boat from Koh Phi Phi to Hat Yao leaves at 9:00 AM, whereby the journey takes at least 3 hours and 20 minutes to arrive. Meanwhile, ferry service to other routes can be found with varied timetable 
Several facilities at the ferry terminal are accessible for public use. These facilities are a sheltered waiting area with seats, washrooms, seafood restaurants, including accommodations nearby the premise.  
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Hat Yao Pier in Trang Province provides reliable sea transportation to neighbouring islands such as Koh Mook, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lipe and other serene beaches in Thailand. With multiple daily boat trips, travellers can hop on several ferries to their chosen destinations conveniently. 
With Easybook’s user-friendly online booking website, travellers can book ferry tickets to Hat Yao ferry terminal instantly anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is select a preferred pick-up and drop-off points along with desired travel dates, and you are good to go! Book ferry ticket with reasonable ferry ticket price via Easybook today. 

Hat Yao Pier

Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand
+66 81 747 8308

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