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About Pandanan Island Jetty

Located approximately 30 KM east-northeast of Semporna, Pandanan Island lies in territorial waters where Malaysia and the Philippines meet. The island is enclosed with sandy beaches and visitors can even see it from the nearby Pom Pom Island. While the Philippines have an island of the same name, the Malaysian Pandanan Island has a beauty that is second to none even if it is less than 1 KM long.

Sometimes referred to by its older name “Pulau Kapale”, Pandanan Island is protected by the elements for being in-between Pom Pom and Mataking. Travellers will have to jostle for space along with the green turtles during the island’s high tide occurrences. Interestingly, Pandanan Island is where efforts to save the ancient marine creatures are alive and well.

Popular Ferry Routes

Popular routes to and from Pandanan Island Jetty in Malaysia.

How to Get to Pandanan Island Jetty

As with all the islands in beautiful Sabah, the only option of transportation to Pandanan Island is by speedboat. Travellers do not have to worry because speedboat operators can be easily accessed at Semporna Jetty where the boats are usually on standby to go to the various islands in Semporna.

Start your journey from the jetty where you shall take your reserved speedboat and travel to Pandanan Island. Do have in mind that the area is scattered with other islands to which your speedboat operator might incorporate a package to tour the other islands as well. The boat ride will take approximately 50 minutes to reach the destination.

Popular Ferry Operators

The operators available on Easybook to get to Pandanan Island are D One Permata and Semporna Paradise Travel & Tours.

Facilities in Pandanan Island Jetty

The island is very much preserved for the protection of its marine life which means no major developments are within sight. There is a simple wooden jetty provided to board and alight the boat; however there are no facilities available at the jetty.


Pandanan Island is home to many marine life species. Visitors who are close enough to the steep slopes will get to see eagle rays or even dolphins, marlin fish and sailfish. There is a shallow reef at the southern end of the island that connects to Timba-Timba which happens to be a great spot to see even rarer marine creatures.

With clear waters and vibrant reefs, Pandanan Island is set to become a popular diving destination in the future. Review the speedboat schedules and purchase your tickets from Easybook within minutes now!

Pandanan Island Jetty Contact Details:

Pandanan Island, 91300 Semporna, Sabah
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